QNAP Store

File Storage & Sharing

A successful business relies heavily on smooth information sharing and effective knowledge management within an organization. To achieve efficient client-to-client and device-to-device file sharing, a solution providing smooth cross-platform file sharing becomes essential. QNAP Turbo NAS is designed for high performance file sharing over various network protocols. Supporting SMB/CIFS, AFP, and NFS, the Turbo NAS enables seamless file sharing among computers of different operating systems without the worries of incompatibility.

Backup & Recovery

Every day, huge amount of data is produced and stored on computers and servers. It is imaginable that the loss of business data can be catastrophic. As the accident of data loss is unexpected, a good backup solution that safeguards the important data and reserves the copy for data recovery if the data loss does happen is rather essential for businesses. QNAP Turbo NAS performs as an ideal backup center, with large storage capacity and excellent file transfer speed to greatly assist businesses on efficient backup tasks. In addition to being a backup center, the Turbo NAS can also have its data backed up to external storage devices, remote servers, and third-party cloud backup services easily and conveniently.

Privileges & Security

Server management usually requires lots of time and effort, not to mention other network devices that IT administrators have to deal with in daily routines. Therefore, a well designed server management tool that helps increase efficiency is especially desirable. QNAP Turbo NAS makes server management so easy. The user-friendly graphic interface introduces intuitive system management done with a web browser without IT expertise required.