QNAP Store

File Storage & Sharing

Compared with using a USB storage device to share files, you have a more convenient alternative for sharing your music, photos, and videos with family members and friends. If you own a business and work in SOHO environments, the Turbo NAS even helps share files with clients and partners efficiently, thus increases operation productivity. All you need is the 'personal cloud' provided by the Turbo NAS.

Backup & Recovery

We have so much digital data produced and stored in our computers, cameras, and USB devices, and we all know the importance of data backup to prevent unexpected data loss because of any kind of reason. Do you already have a good, smart assistant to help reserve your important and precious files? QNAP Turbo NAS performs as an ideal backup destination, with large storage capacity and excellent file transfer speed to greatly assist you on backup tasks. In addition to being a backup destination, the Turbo NAS can also have its data backed up to external storage devices easily and conveniently.

Privileges & Security

You may have large amount of digital files, including photos, videos, music, and even documents, to share with different groups of family members and friends. QNAP Turbo NAS provides an intuitive web-based interface for users and groups creation, and shared folder access right control. Sharing contents is flexible and easy.