• Empower your business & home life
  • simple, secure & reliable
  • QTS 4.2 operating system

User-friendly Interface

Intuitive user interface allows easy navigation and find the functions you need quickly, QTS also allows you to open multiple application windows to run multiple tasks concurrently, bringing greater operating efficiency.

Centralised Data Centre & Easy File Sharing

Turbo NAS supports file sharing across Windows, Mac and Linux/UNIX. You can easily store your data in one centralised storage device and share the files efficiently.

Backup & Recovery

Turbo NAS is an ideal backup destination with large storage capacity and excellent file transfer speed to assist you on backup tasks. It supports snapshot tool, JBOD enclosures, integrated cloud services and more. With backup versioning, multiple versions of files can be backed up to local or remote sites and rolled back to a specific point of time whenever needed.

Enjoy a Captivating Multimedia Experience

Manage / stream photos, music and videos from the NAS to different devices via HDMI, DLNA, Apple TV and Chromecast. Enjoy the convenience and simplicity for media playback and centralised multimedia storage.

Privileges & Security

Easlily create user and group account and manage shared folder access right. QTS 4.2 also supports 2-step verification, shared folder encryption and instant notifications to mobile devices.

Cloud Access & Networks

myQNAPcloud provides various remote access services, such as DDNS and CloudLink services allows you to replace the lengthy IP address with an easy-to-remember domain name chosen by you. With QTS 4.2, the dashboard shows a clear overview of all your NAS devices and allows you to mark devices for quick access.

Increase Productivity with Amazing Utilities

Use File Station to centrally manage files not only on your NAS but also on public and other cloud solutions. Qsync central configuration mode helps you to increase efficiency for group collaboration by applying customised or default settings to all devices at once from one device. With Q'center, IT administrators can monitor system logs, track server usage history and manage firmware updates.