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Rexel Staplers

Our diverse range of staplers offers a wide choice of models to meet every demand. Light and smart desktop options for the home or office are available in an array of sizes, colours, materials and styles. Durable, lightweight and easily portable, they are innovatively engineered to greatly reduce 'staple jams' and they operate smoothly with a simple touch.

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Rexel Shredders

Rexel's range of innovative shredders will help prevent both your company and personal information from being stolen. Protect yourself against Identity theft! From personal and executive models - that fit comfortably under the desk- to high volume office shredders - that can shred up to 500 sheets in one load - the majority of our products are engineered with advanced Mercury Jam Free technology or Auto-Feed technology.

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Rexel Punchers

Rexel's wide range of punches help you keep important documents precisely where you want them. Our hole punches come in various sizes, materials, colours and styles. Rigorous heavy duty punches can handle up to 300 sheets effectively and quickly. Other models are ideal for desktop or hand punching. With a wide selection of hole number and paper size options, they are all easy to load and operate.

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