Industry-Leading HDD Performance

Built and tested to provide industry-leading performance, Seagate NAS HDDs quickly and reliably support home and business applications. With support for multiple HD video streams and user profiles in a multi-drive environment, these NAS drives provide the performance demanded by NAS solutions and incorporates Seagate® NASWorksTM software to reduce common issues.


NASWorks: Improving Drive Reliabiltiy and Performance

NASWorks improves the reliability of NAS HDD by fine-tuning drive features to be more compatible in NAS systems with:


  • Extended error recovery controls help to ensure drives comply with NAS system requirements for better data integrity.
  • Specifically designed to minimize vibration effects typically found in multi-drive solutions, improving reliability.
  • Advanced power profiles tailor low power options for always-on NAS applications.

Highest-Capacity NAS HDD

With a 30% capacity improvement over competitive offerings and excellent cost-per-terabyte, choose between 2, 3 and 4TB—for up to 20TB of capacity— in 5-bay NAS solutions. A single 4TB drive translates to: over 1 million photos, 180 days of music, 1000 hours of DVD video, OR enough space to support the CAD files, images and databases needed by small businesses.


NAS Drive Compatibility for Easy System Integration

To ensure simple, painless integration with NAS systems, Seagate has completed compatibility testing with a number of today’s NAS solution providers.



2TB, 3TB, 4TB
WD Red
1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB
NAS Error Recovery Codes Y Y
Vibration Tolerance Dual Plane Balance 3D Active Balancing
Advanced Power Management Y Y
Performance: Average Sustained Data Rate 140 MB/s 115 MB/s
Rotational Speed 5900 RPM 5400 RPM
Operating Power 4.8 W 4.4 W
ATA Streaming Support Y Y
Power-on Hours 8760 8760
MTBF 1M Hours 1M Hours
Warranty 3 year 3 year

Seagate NAS 4TB 3.5" SATA

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  • 4TB drive optimised for NAS use
  • Quiet drive operation
  • Inbuilt vibration resistance
  • Built and tested for 24×7 NAS applications

Seagate NAS 3TB 3.5" SATA

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  • Home servers or desktop NAS solutions
  • Quiet drive operation
  • Advanced power management
  • Built and tested for 24×7 NAS applications

Seagate NAS 2TB 3.5" SATA

  • For advice email
  • Home servers or desktop NAS solutions
  • Quiet drive operation
  • Advanced power management
  • Built and tested for 24×7 NAS applications

Seagate NAS Reviews:

Storage Review (13/06/2013):

"For comparables, we tested the Seagate NAS HDD against the WD Red, the only other small NAS-specific drive on the market as well as the entry-enterprise WD Se and Seagate Constellation CS which are designed larger NAS deployments."

"The Seagate NAS HDD 4TB outperformed the WD Red 3TB in just about every test."

Tweak Town Review (10/10/13):

"The Seagate NAS and the Red are closely matched at idle power specifications, but the Seagate NAS HDD provides lower power consumption and higher efficiency during heavy use with most random workloads.

An area of interest is the much tighter performance profile of the Seagate NAS HDD. Even though it is slower in random workloads, tighter performance usually results in better performance in RAID arrays.

With sequential data, the Seagate NAS HDD excels with pure read and write workloads. These types of workloads are very prevalent in NAS usage models, particularly during large file transfers and video streaming activities. The Seagate NAS HDD is well suited for these workloads, and users will experience a tangible speed boost. The adaptive nature of the Seagate NAS HDD also allows it to switch gears when it senses sustained sequential throughput, providing a higher level of performance.

The Seagate NAS HDD also provides a quieter noise level during operation, with a 3-decibel difference between it and the WD Red. The lower power consumption of the Seagate NAS will also provide a lower heat output, which can help to keep NAS fans from speeding up to louder levels during use."


Xbit Labs Review (10/13/2013):

"We have tested one of the fastest x86-based 4-bay NASes with Seagate's new HDDs and its performance is limited by the Gigabit Ethernet interface. Seagate's HDDs have proved to be generally superior to their WD Red opponents. The differences between them are especially conspicuous at random operations where the Seagate drives were better at reading and worse at writing. The new HDDs are also better in RAID6 configurations when doing sequential reading. Having newer components, they are superior in such parameters as power consumption and temperature, too."