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Seagate External Drives

With blisteringly fast transfer rates thanks to their USB 3.0 connections, stylish designs and outstanding reliability Seagate external drives are a practical and value for money storage solution.

Available as either desktop or portable devices an external hard drive can massively expand the storage capacity of your computer. They also provide peace of mind in that important and treasured files and data can be backed up so copies are always safe in case the hard drive on your computer fails.

And that of course is another reason to think about a Seagate external drive. Your full system can be easily backed up.

Desktop or portable storage?

Deciding which type of external hard drive you need depends on how you will be using the device. Desktop HDDs are bigger than their portable counterparts as they are designed to remain in permanent position next to the computer. They also tend to have higher capacities as they are used mainly for back-up purposes.

On the other hand however Seagate portable hard drives are lightweight, easy to carry and are of course ideal for transporting your files around with you. If you use a computer at work and another at home you can easily transport files between each location. And, as these devices are plug and play, sharing documents, movies and tunes with other computers is a simple process.

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If you are looking for the most useful device for your computer you should give some serious thought to purchasing an external drive. And, here at Ebuyer, we have great deals on a wide selection of Seagate devices. Why not look through the full selection and find the drive that suits you?

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