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Ebuyer.com have partnered with Shire Leasing to offer leasing options for your business equipment needs.

Leasing is a flexible payment option that comes with many benefits:

  • No major upfront costs – Don’t let a purchasing budget hold you back. Leasing removes the need for significant outlay, allowing you to put your cash to better use.
  • Pay as you earn – Get use of the equipment immediately, without having to find the full sum up front. Only the first rental is normally required to begin the agreement and it is usually taken by Direct Debit.
  • Fixed payments – Lease rental payments are fixed, which makes budgeting and forecasting easier.
  • Protect existing lines of credit – Using leasing protects your existing lines of credit such as bank loans and overdrafts.
  • Easy upgrades – Business equipment is always evolving. At the end of the agreed term, you can upgrade to the latest equipment.

Completing a lease agreement is really simple.

5 Easy Steps to Leasing with Ebuyer.com and Shire Leasing

Who Are Shire Leasing?

Shire Leasing provide competitive rates and great support when offering business finance options, making them the preferential and recommended business lease provider of Ebuyer.com.

Shire Leasing is the largest independent funding house in the UK, specialising in leasing specifically for business critical equipment in the B2B market place.

  • An innovative and agile company working with manufacturers, resellers and distributors since 1990.
  • Financially supported and backed by the government-owned British Business Bank.
  • Relationships with a strong panel of investors which allow for deals to be broked, increasing deal acceptances.

*Subject to application, credit and Shire Leasing's terms and conditions.

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