powerful protection against corporate and personal identity theft

why shred?

Shredding potentially sensitive material helps combat the threat of Identity Theft.

what to shred?

Shred all documens that show personal, financial or company information before throwing them out. Shred anything you wouldn't want in the hands of a stranger.

which shredder?

Ebuyer have made selecting a shredder easy - all you have to do is answer the three questions below:

1. Have you chosen the right shredder for your needs?


  • How many people will use the shredder
  • The volume of paper each person usng the shredder will shred in a day
  • The length of time the shredder needs to run without stopping
personal 1 user /
deskside 1 - 3 users
small business /
professional 3 - 5 users
shared workspaces /
5+ up to 20+ users

2. what level of security is required?

Strip cut
everyday (din 2)
5.8mm Strips cuts
1 piece of A4 paper
into 36 pieces

Cross cut
higher (din 3)
3.9 x 38mm particles
cuts 1 piece of A4
412 pieces

Micro Shred
superior (din 4)
2 x 12mm particles
cuts 1 piece of A4
paper into
over 2000 pieces

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