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Our Remote Assistance service has turned out to be a huge success, helping people all around the country sort out their IT issues. Please have a read through just some of the excellent feedback we've received so far.

Judith:: 12/02/2010 ::

Phone was answered quickly. John was very knowledgeable, and is arranging to get an answer from Microsoft about a problem that couldn't be solved. Very polite and helpful..

Graeme:: 12/02/2010 ::

The staff that successfully helped us were absolutely amazing. Thank you. I honestly don't think you could improve. THANK YOU..

David:: 12/02/2010 ::

I would suggest go to remote assist from the start, would have been even quicker Very good and quick, friendly..

Nigel:: 12/02/2010 ::

Paul was brilliant,a great help. Many thanks.If all your reps are as good as Paul, you don't have a problem

Robert:: 12/02/2010 ::

He was very good. 9/10. But he could not give me tonight's euro numbers. Graham's knowlege put me at ease and it was great to see him remotely trying to fix my problem so efficiently..

Sarah:: 12/02/2010 ::

Having previously used remote assistance professionally this did not create me any problems ,but it may worry people not used this facility.Thank you for your help..

Pat:: 12/02/2010 ::

Andy was very helpful and the problem seems to have gone away.

Roger:: 12/02/2010 ::

Very pleased with friendly operator and would not hesitate to recommend Ebuyer to anyone else. First Class.

Tony:: 12/02/2010 ::

Explained what was happening well and what I had to do during instalation.

Mary:: 12/02/2010 ::

Most helpful. Patient, polite and thorough. He actually fixed the problem and did not make me feel inadequate while doing it - fantastic!An excellent service: pace was good and yet the problem was sorted in about twenty minutes. I was PARTICULARLY grateful for the remote assistant facility so that he could see what was on my home computer screen in order to ensure that this information corresponded to the info on my Netbook. Many thanks..

Paul:: 12/02/2010 ::

Generally very good, as this was the first time I have made a purchase via ebuyer I wasn't sure what would happen if anything went wrong. As it happens your support was excellent..

Gareth:: 12/02/2010 ::

Very calm and seemed very knowledgable tried lots of solutions even if he could do nothing to fix my problem.

Jamie:: 12/02/2010 ::

Great to let someone who knows what they are doing controlling the computer.

Janet:: 12/02/2010 ::

very helpful - took the time to listen and was patient and considerate. sorted out issue and gave me the confidence that I had undertaken correct action to protect my internet connection..

Andrew:: 20/11/2009 ::

No complaints, all good. thanks again.

Andrew:: 20/11/2009 ::

Good Job, Thank you very much.

Keith:: 18/11/2009 ::

Very Good.

John Douglas:: 15/11/2009 ::

I am delighted with the support from your representative. The problem has been corrected and so far everything seems to be working ok. Well done..

Sharon:: 15/11/2009 ::

Graham was most kind and sensitive with regards to my low computer skills My graphics and installation issue was attended to and resolved in just a few minutes. Graham is obviously an asset to the Technical Support Team! Thank you.

Markendale:: 15/11/2009 ::

First class -had the patience of a saint. Sorted out connection problem and gave some very useful advice. You will be the first port of call if I have any more problems. Efficient and very professional. Very pleasant personality. Don't think you could make any improvements if all your specialists are the same calibre as Mark. Thankyou.

Groves:: 14/11/2009 ::

Graham was brilliant! Very helpful. Saved me hours of trial and error.

R.Kontny:: 13/11/2009 ::

All staff including present IT are brilliant, very patient and for me the whole.

Gemma:: 27/10/2009 ::

Very helpful, very quick, Naveed sorted it out straight away.

KERRY DEWAR:: 23/10/2009 ::

Very helpful, i called twice and he couldnt have been nicer.

jessica chaudhry:: 23/10/2009 ::

Excellent service fault was remedied immediatley but lost phone connection with operator before we had finished talking..

Simon Newman:: 22/10/2009 ::

Leigh was very helpful.

stef kay:: 09/10/2009 ::

What can I say my computer is back up and running and in no time at all, the BT helpdesk was no help at all and your advisor was fantastic, knew exactly what he was doing and got me back on line in about 15 mins thank you so much ebuyer I know why I buy my stuff from you.

Tony Price:: 09/10/2009 ::

Paul was extremly positive and very helpful and checked the instalation of the new sound card remotely also very open and helpful when asked to explain about defragmentation. Very pleased with the support that I received and as a older person not used to the setting up of the computer and having paid just under £100 on upgrading the hardware it was essential to have the help at hand, Thank you.

Guy Marot:: 09/10/2009 ::

Excellent efforts made by Mark but he was unable to resolve the problem.

Anita Marner:: 09/10/2009 ::

Very helpfull and sorted out the problem,including setting up our wireless router..

Dianne:: 09/10/2009 ::

Very helpful solved problem straight the way and did not make me feel stupid.

Russell Tupper:: 09/10/2009 ::

The man is brilliant, give him a pay rise.

Jerome Timmins:: 21/09/2009 ::

Graham Cookman is a computer genius. Thanks again.

Elaine Marwood:: 21/09/2009 ::

Leigh was very professional in his approach and got me through installation of Panda Security with hardly a glitch the only glitch was in fact mine for notnoticing that we had rebooted and I had not noticed.In all a great experience.

Kim:: 21/09/2009 ::

Phil was extremely patient and helpful - i was very impressed with the service and my queries were sorted out quickly..

Amanda Kemp:: 13/09/2009 ::

Very friendly, helpful and efficient, could not fault the service - very thorough.

Victoria Johnson:: 13/09/2009 ::

Leigh Cook was very helpful and corrected the computer for me. Thank you.

Katherine:: 13/09/2009 ::

General Friendly Service.

Ilona:: 15/08/2009 ::

Very friendly and helpful. Felt like assistant really cared and wasnt just rushing to 'get rid of me'..

George Prowse:: 11/08/2009 ::

Good Good - Ebuyer is the Best.

Stephen:: 08/08/2009 ::

Very Polite and Helpful - Assisted by Naveed Naseem

Karron Lovatt Fraser:: 07/08/2009 ::

Excellent attention to detail, Covered all I needed for now and future uses - Assisted by Graham Cookman

Chris Kennedy:: 07/08/2009 ::

Naveed was excellent, very helpful, very patient + clear.

Linda Hoop:: 07/08/2009 ::

Very helpful, Thank you. - Assisted by Leigh Cook

Barrie Hill:: 06/08/2009 ::

Very Helpful and quick - Assisted by Jonathan Barlow.

Joe Williamson:: 05/08/2009 ::

Graham was excellent a pleasure to talk to and problem resolved.

Sandra:: 05/08/2009 ::

Very Helpful and Polite, told me what i needed to know - Assisted by Naveed Naseem

Graham Thomas:: 05/08/2009 ::

Fast, Easy Great Software!. - Assisted by Naveed Naseem

Dave Skelton:: 28/07/2009 ::

I was very happy with your tech guy He was very helpful I understand this was the first time he has come across this problem.

Sarah Capes:: 28/07/2009 ::

Good - Thank you Naveed.

Shazzie:: 28/07/2009 ::

My problem was dealt with quickly and with outstanding professionalism. Thank you.

Brian:: 28/07/2009 ::

Fantastic! Your representative 'Graham' was kind and curtious and made me feel at ease - even with my extensive lack of Computer skills. My problem was sorted in minutes. Commendations to 'Graham' who was an outstanding representative for your company!.

Sue Kitney:: 28/07/2009 ::

Very helpful and quick, good, Graham was friendly and professional.

Robert Stephenson:: 25/07/2009 ::

Outstandingly Helpful. Quick and Efficient.

Edward Freeman:: 25/07/2009 ::

Very Helpful, Excellent.

D Cullington:: 16/07/2009 ::

Very Helpful Thanks.

Lesley:: 16/07/2009 ::

Very Professional and Helpful.

Jeff Mowbray:: 15/07/2009 ::

Good Service.

:: 10/07/2009 ::

Lee was very very good and helpful, but concerned about the telephone bill

:: 09/07/2009 ::

Getting through to someone can take a while and closing at 6pm is a little inconvenient as most people are out at work during the day but once you get through very good support!

:: 08/07/2009 ::

very helpful, and resolved the issue quickly once logged on via remote assistance.

:: 15/06/2009 ::

Remote assistance was very prompt and friendly...problem was resolved instantly.

Marc :: 05/06/2009 ::

Leigh was extremely helpful and solved all of my problems!

Phil Moore :: 04/06/2009 ::

A friend who had had a TV problem told me how satisfied he was with Ebuyer technical response and I must say it's a pleasure dealing with you. The machine makers Veho could not have cared less and did not respond to my request for assistance but told me to send it back to you for refund. We don't buy things to refund, most dissatified with them, but your team is brilliant. Thanks, Phil Moore.

Tom Shaw :: 03/06/2009 ::

Very Helpful and knowledgable

:: 30/05/2009 ::

Very helpful and easy to talk to.

:: 29/05/2009 ::

Very helpful and efficient as well as reassuring. Apart from the long wait before getting through it was excellent.

:: 26/05/2009 ::

Problem sorted, staff very helpful and easy to talk to. Didn't make me feel stupid.

:: 26/05/2009 ::

Very helpful, didn't manage to resolve the Mcaffee issue but did suggest an uninstal of outlook and reinstall which I might try. Did also offer assistance if my fear that this would cause me more issues then I currently have in doing so proved true.

:: 19/05/2009 ::

Very positive, had installed most applications but got stuck with Security settings, iTune app load and setting up email via Outlook which Jonathan was able to sort in minutes.

:: 13/05/2009 ::

Extremely helpful, and hopefully Leigh has solved the problem.

:: 13/05/2009 ::

I cannot thank Graham enough, helpful, thoroughly professional and PATIENT WITH AN OLD CODGER!! I expect I will be back again when my wireless router arrives from Talk Talk. Thank you, Graham

:: 09/05/2009 ::

Very pleasant and helpful. Very good, and resolved the problem.

:: 08/05/2009 ::

The service from Paul was tremendous and of great assistance to me. He was skilful and polite and it was a pleasure to note his experience, friendliness and help. A faultless service. Delighted with your service.

:: 07/05/2009 ::

Graham was extremely courteous and helpful in his approach. Took rather longer than anticipated - however all was resolved after 1.5hrs - would have hoped and expectations were that the mai3.dll issue was a common one and therefore easy quick to resolve.

:: 05/05/2009 ::

Paul was keen to help, and gave me more support than I would have expected. Excellent - Perhaps the only improvement might be to reduce the telephone waiting time.

:: 05/05/2009 ::

Excellent service. Most friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. A tremendous help to me and delighted with his assistance and service. Faultless. Your service is to be highly recommended. Thank you so much.

:: 01/05/2009 ::

I found Leigh very helpful and he answered all of my queries. Thankyou.