Experience the GXT Gaming Series - Level up!

Become a part of the game. With the Trust Gaming Series, you gain complete control over the game. High-precision gaming mice for the best results combined with the ultra-modern GXT keyboards. From LED lighting to DPI - everything is adjustable according to your wishes. A crystal clear sound experience with the GXT headsets and defeat any opponent by pressing the right buttons on the gamepads. Head out into the action with powerful sound systems.

Trust Gaming Series - The complete gaming experience for PC and game consoles.

Mice and Mouse Pad

GXT Gaming Mice

From precise shooting in FPS games to rapidly commanding your units in a strategy game: The Trust GXT Gaming mice are ready for any situation! Thanks to the different specs every gaming mice has his own specialism for FPS to MMO-gaming.

GXT 31 Gamimg Mouse
GXT 166 Gamimg Mouse
GXT 207 XXL Mouse Pad

GXT 31 Gaming Mouse

The well-designed gaming mouse is the perfect complement for modern PC gaming. The ergonomic shape and rubber inserts are just right for long rounds. With the GXT 31 you have the upper hand over your opponents.

GXT 166 MMO Gaming Mouse

The Trust GXT 166 MMO offers; Super-fast reaction time, extremely accuracy and is comfortable and easily to adjust to your own wishes. This mouse is especially designed for MMO-gaming featuring a total of 18 programmable buttons.

GXT 207 XXL Mouse Pad

Every Gaming Mouse deserves a high-end mouse pad. The Trust GXT 207 is this mouse pad, specially designed for professional gamers. Thanks to its anti-slip underside, strengthened edges and smooth top coating you get the most out of your gaming mouse.