Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phones have become such an important part of life that they are no longer seen as a luxury but a necessity. However, a phone with no battery life on it is no use to anyone, which is why you should cover yourself and invest in car chargers and adapters just in case the battery dies when you need it most.
You can keep your Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry or other phone fully charged all the time with car chargers and adapters, meaning you no longer need to suffer the inconvenience of a flat battery.

All you have to do is plug one end into your mobile phone and the other into the cigarette lighter. While you are travelling along the motorway or waiting for someone, your phone will be happily charging, giving you plenty of power to hold as many conversations as you please.

Once you have finished, simply put the car charger or adapter into the glove box until you need it next.

For a minimal outlay you can purchase a very convenient tool that you can be sure will also help your passengers out when they need some more power on their smartphone.

At Ebuyer we have a plethora of car chargers and adapters for a range of phones, so no matter what device you own, you can find car chargers and adapters to fit your requirements.

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RIM BlackBerry Travel Charger - Power adapter

  • Light weight design
  • Energy saving mode for efficient useage when device charged
  • Compatible with Blackberry 62XX, 6510, 71XX, 72XX, 75XX, 87XX, 88XX,...

£10.98 inc. vat

£12.11save £1.13

£9.15 ex. vat

£10.09save £0.94
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RIM Blackberry Leather Pocket Pouch

  • Compatible with Blackberry 9220/9310/9320
  • Leather Pocket
  • Black

£8.99 inc. vat

£7.49 ex. vat

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Belkin TPU Case For iPhone 4/4S

  • Belkin Essential 013
  • Case for cellular phone
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane
  • For Apple iPhone 4

£9.50 inc. vat

£7.91 ex. vat

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Jabra Drive In-car Bluetooth Handsfree Speakerphone Kit

  • Designed for intuitive use and great sound
  • Easy to access control buttons
  • Easy to set up, pair to your phone and place on your sun visor...

£29.50 inc. vat

£24.58 ex. vat

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Sony Smartwatch 2 Android Watch - Black Sillicone

  • The worldÂ’s first Android-compatible SmartWatch with One-touch NFC...

£99.99 inc. vat

£109.98save £9.99

£83.32 ex. vat

£91.65save £8.33
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Jabra Cruiser 2 BlueTooth Speakerphone

  • Superior sound for hands-free calls in the car
  • Multiuse - connect to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • Voice Guidance, Caller ID, battery status and setup

£43.00 inc. vat

£35.83 ex. vat

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RIM BlackBerry C-S2 Standard Battery

  • Compatible with Blackberry 8520/8320/9300
  • 1150 mAh
  • Retail Packed

£17.99 inc. vat

£14.99 ex. vat

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Nokia Lumia 625 Shell Cover - Orange

  • Specifically designed for Lumia 625
  • Protects from bumps and scratches
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Clip on design
  • Full access to all ports and functions

£8.99 inc. vat

£7.49 ex. vat

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  • 34 pages with 500 products