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From record players and tape cassette players to CD Walkmans and iPods, music technology has come on a long way over the years. As digital radio takes that to an even greater level, with hundreds of stations available and fantastic-quality broadcasting now possible, it's never been a better time to own a stereo. Even better, integration with smartphones and internet technology means we can make a smooth transition between all devices for a sophisticated listening experience.

We have a great collection of hi-fi systems and digital radios in stock, boasting a wide range of features depending on what you need it for and some big brands to choose from, including Phillips, Sony, Teknique and the superb Magic Box. Don't forget to check for compatibility when comparing prices and reading customer reviews. We have stereos that play CDs, CD-R/CD-RWs and MP3s, and many come with lots of cables, important to check if you want to connect it to an existing system.

Buy your hi-fi stereo or digital radio online for some of the best deals, and it is the easiest way to compare all the different options. If you're looking for a home system, intended for the living room or bedroom, we recommend a hi-fi stereo that you can plug your MP3 player or smartphone into - that way you'll have your own music available to play throughout the house. Cheap radios such as CD boomboxes with AM/FM analogue tuning are ideal for the kitchen, especially if things tend to get splashed and spilled around it!

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CD Recorder

  • Record to audio CD-R/RW
  • Shuffle playback function
  • Synchro recording function starts recording automatically at the...

£445.00 inc. vat

£370.83 ex. vat

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Evoke Mio Portable DAB Digital and FM Radio

  • DAB digital and FM radio
  • Two-tone leather-effect finish
  • Input for iPod or MP3 player
  • Kitchen and sleep timers

£124.00 inc. vat

£103.33 ex. vat

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