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Despite this being the high-tech age a flipchart is still an essential accessory when delivering a presentation or conducting a meeting. Usually mounted on easels, flipcharts are a great tool for getting a message across or to use as visual aids during brainstorming sessions.

Chose your flipchart

There are different sizes of flipchart pads to choose from though the large A1 variety is the most common. The size is so popular as it is big enough to make an impression and to be seen at a distance, yet is still relatively easy to manage.

To use an A1 pad during a meeting it needs to be mounted on an easel. There are several different models but most are height adjustable and are equipped with a pen trough and easy mounting for the pads. Other features may include telescopic legs, magnetic dry wipe surfaces and, for when one pad simply isn't enough, sliding hooks to hold up to three pads at once.

At the other end of the end of the scale are the smaller A4 sized pads. These are usually used for close-quarter presentations and are housed on desk mounted easels. This makes them ideal for meetings involving two or three people sat around a conference table.

All you need for a presentation

Our selection of flipcharts and easels are just part of the huge range of meeting and presentation supplies available from Ebuyer.com. Browse through the full range and order today for free delivery within the UK (terms and conditions apply).

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Q Connect A1 Flip Chart Easel

  • Flipchart easel
  • Suitable for A1 flipchart pads
  • Height adjustable
  • Telescopic legs for desktop use
  • Complete with full length pen tray

£40.56 inc. vat

£33.80 ex. vat

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Bi Office Flipchart Pads A1 Gridded - 5 Pack

  • Bi-Office Gridded Flip Chart Pads.
  • Premium quality bleed-proof flipchart pad printed with 25mm x 25mm...
  • Weight - 70gsm.
  • Size - A1.

£46.76 inc. vat

£38.96 ex. vat

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Bi Office Self Stick Flipchart Pad 30sht - 2 Pack

  • Self stick flipchart pad with peel off sheets to stick to the wall or...
  • High quality paper prevents ink bleed through.
  • Size: 635 x 780mm.
  • 30 sheets per pad.

£42.58 inc. vat

£35.48 ex. vat

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Q Connect Flip Pad A1 Plain - 5 Pack

  • Q Connect Flipchart Pads.
  • Quality 80gsm plain 40 sheet flipchart pad, perforated at head for easy...
  • Punched holes of 442mm centres will fit most flipchart easels....

£12.16 inc. vat

£10.13 ex. vat

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  • Q Connect Deluxe Flipchart Easel with integral magnetic drywipe...
  • Variable height settings, can be used floor standing or desktop....

£76.49 inc. vat

£63.74 ex. vat

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3M Postit Meeting Chart 559 W635xh775mm - 2 Pack

  • 3M Post-it Super Sticky Meeting Flip Chart White Flipcharts with a...
  • Ideal for use in meeting rooms, for training, brainstorming or...
  • A1 sheets 63.

£52.49 inc. vat

£43.74 ex. vat

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3M Post-it Meeting Chart Yellow Pk 4

  • Yellow in colour
  • Consistent and reliable
  • 30 sheets per pad

£82.86 inc. vat

£69.05 ex. vat

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  • Post-it table top easel pad sticks to virtually any surface.
  • Just peel off each sheet and stick to the wall.
  • Specially coated to resist bleed through.

£16.00 inc. vat

£13.33 ex. vat

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  • Bi-Office Premiere Flipchart Easel.
  • Premium two sided easel with a drywipe board on one side and notice board...
  • Height adjustable unit, portable and suitable for use in any...

£109.02 inc. vat

£90.85 ex. vat

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  • Franken Pro Flipchart Easel.
  • Magnetic dry wipe board surface (1045 x 680mm).
  • Intergrated pen tray.
  • Quick change holder for most flipchart pads.
  • Easy fitting - tools not required.

£111.50 inc. vat

£92.91 ex. vat

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  • Bi-Office Mobile Flipchart Easel.
  • Mobile A1 flipchart easel with a melamine drywipe board, pen tray and...
  • Whiteboard - 900x600mm.

£153.50 inc. vat

£127.91 ex. vat

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Bioffice Roll Up Mobile Easel

  • Professional Easel that can be used in conjunction with a continuous...
  • Patented Flip roll system
  • Extendable side arm
  • Spring assisted height adjustment

£295.00 inc. vat

£245.83 ex. vat

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  • Bi-Office Earth-It Tripod Easel.
  • Durable and lightweight aluminium framed flipchart easel made from...
  • Supplied with A1 flipchart pad made from 100% recycled material....

£82.00 inc. vat

£68.33 ex. vat

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Bi Office Flipchart Pads A1 Plain - 5 Pack

  • Bi-Office Flipchart Pads.
  • Brilliant white, plain flipchart pads, perforated for easy tear-off...
  • Weight - 70gsm.
  • Sheets per Pad - 40.

£39.36 inc. vat

£32.80 ex. vat

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