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The modern office, whether we're talking business premises or your home study, is full of electronics. Naturally, the electronic centrepiece is the computer, the device from which one can send messages anywhere in the world, research any subject, buy any item and make contact with anyone who has an online presence. Beyond the computer, there are a whole host of other devices that make our business and admin lives easier in countless ways.

Everything You Need For Your Office

As much as we like to think we've ascended to a digital age and banished paper to the annals of history, it is still very much a part of our lives. Millions of bills, receipts, invoices and letters still ping around the globe every day.

Ebuyer have a range of electronic equipment to assist you with processing and handling your paperwork. There are binders and laminators for assembling and preserving your documents. Then, at the end of the process, there are shredders that turn sensitive information into security-safe unintelligible tatters.

From Laminators To Calculators

As well as tools for talking paper, Ebuyer offers devices to assist with that other important method of communication: the phone call. Since there's no substitute for having an actual chat with a client or colleague, Ebuyer brings you all the latest phones, handsets, headsets and speakerphones to make sure you get your message across whether you're talking person-to-person or with a group assembled in the boardroom.

Ebuyer also stocks a wide range of other peripheral devices for the innumerable everyday tasks of the contemporary workplace. We have calculators for doing snappy sums; voice recorders to ensure you never miss a word; and even charging trolleys for bringing power to several devices between uses.

At Ebuyer, we stock a wide range of office electronics suitable for both business and personal use. Find your perfect office electronics using the filters on the left of the screen. Don't forget that with Ebuyer you always get fast delivery and low prices.

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Xenta ADSL Micro Filter

  • Micro Filter
  • Applied in voice or data transmission circuits
  • Providing isolation conversion between modem and telephone line...

£1.28 inc. vat

£1.06 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 39530   |   Mfr part code: SAMF-1000

BT 8500 Advanced Call Blocker Dect - Quad - Tam

  • Block 1000 individual numbers
  • Block calls by type mobile, withheld, payphone, area code,...
  • 60 minutes of messages on the answerphone

£72.98 inc. vat

£79.98save £7.00

£60.81 ex. vat

£66.65save £5.84
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QuickFind: 708807   |   Mfr part code: 078629

Bt Converse 2300 - Black

  • ELR/TBR switchable
  • Handset volume control.
  • Headset port
  • Inductive coupler (hearing aid compatible)
  • Incoming voice amplification

£50.51 inc. vat

£42.09 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 246139   |   Mfr part code: 040212

Gigaset A120 DECT Phone - Single

  • Easy Useability
  • Convenient Data Storage
  • Practical Information
  • Pure Energy Savings
  • Radiation Free

£13.98 inc. vat

£11.65 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 478168   |   Mfr part code: S30852-H2401-L101

Plantronics Headset adapter Quick Disconnect (M) mini-phone 3.5mm (M)

  • Allows H-series headset use with 3.5mm jacks
  • Left Connector(s): Quick Disconnect - male
  • Right Connector(s): Mini-phone 3.5mm - male
  • Form Factor : Patch Cable

£7.95 inc. vat

£6.62 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 192843   |   Mfr part code: 40845-01

Kensington Desktop and Peripherals Locking Kit

  • Everything you need to secure a desktop computer
  • two peripherals and a wired keyboard and mouse
  • Lock down a desktop computer and multiple peripherals with one...
  • Master keyed solutions available

£25.49 inc. vat

£21.24 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 193752   |   Mfr part code: K64615EU

Kensington ClickSafe Security Lock for Laptops

  • Security in one step-simplified design protects computers with a...
  • Watch employee compliance rates rise
  • Super-strong steel cable provides strong physical security

£39.48 inc. vat

£32.90 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 244823   |   Mfr part code: K64637WW

Bt Converse 2100 - Black

  • 3 quick dial memories
  • 3 ring tones
  • Headset socket
  • Inductive coupler
  • PBX compatible

£25.98 inc. vat

£21.65 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 246142   |   Mfr part code: 040206

Bt Converse 2200 - Black

  • No batteries or power supply unit required
  • ELR/TBR switchable
  • Handset volume control
  • Headset port
  • Inductive coupler (hearing aid compatible)

£37.49 inc. vat

£31.24 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 246144   |   Mfr part code: 040208

Bt Paragon 550 Digital Answering Machine In White

  • 100 name & number directory
  • 3 number speed dial
  • Calls list - 30 numbers
  • Hands free function with on hook dialing and volume control

£38.49 inc. vat

£32.07 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 246145   |   Mfr part code: 032115

Bt Paragon 650 Digital Answering Machine In Black

  • Digital answering machine
  • Mobile phone SIM card reader/writer
  • Send and receive text messages
  • 200 entry directory
  • Caller display with 50 number calls list

£45.48 inc. vat

£37.90 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 246147   |   Mfr part code: 032116

LapSafe CBNCL-030 ClassBuddy 30 Netbook Trolley Charger

  • Safe power management - ensures protection of both the device and the...
  • Cost effective - functional entry level trolley
  • Light and maneuverable - enables easier movement and uses minimal...

QuickFind: 260784   |   Mfr part code: CBNCL-030

LapCabby LAP10V 10 Port Laptop Trolley Vertical Storage

  • 5- 7 Day Lead Time
  • Storage Trolley for 10 Laptops
  • Shock Absorber bumpers and locking wheels
  • Lockable
  • Heavy duty steel exterior

QuickFind: 264676   |   Mfr part code: LAP10V

LapCabby LAP16V 16 Port Laptop Trolley

  • 5-7 Day Lead Time
  • Stores and charges 16 laptops
  • Shock absorbing bumpers & locking wheels
  • Heavy duty steel frame and strong MFC cladding
  • Power7 power management system

QuickFind: 264678   |   Mfr part code: LAP16V

LapCabby LAP20V 20 Port Laptop Trolley Charger

  • 5-7 Day Lead Time
  • Stores and charges 20 laptops
  • Shock absorbing bumpers and locking wheels
  • Heavy duty steel frame and strong MFC Cladding
  • Power7 power management system

QuickFind: 264679   |   Mfr part code: LAP20V

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