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Although the majority of offices these days rely heavily on sharing information via email and other electronic means, there's no escaping paper files.
From agreements that have been hand-signed, faxes, receipts and letters that are received through the post, through to tax forms, bills and other official documentation, you're still likely to process a lot of paper in your office.
What's more, most of those pages will need to be kept for some length of time and should be put together in a way that makes it easy to find just the right bit of information when you need it.
That's why archive and storage supplies are so important for an office. They make it easy to keep all of your paper documents in an intuitive and tidy arrangement ? and here at we have a variety of products to help you get your files in order.

Folders and binders

If you're creating a filing system from scratch, careful planning is key. Developing a good infrastructure and future-proofing the system can be good ways to ensure that filing can be easily carried out for years to come.

File folders are a good place to start with your filing system, and they are made in both card and plastic, depending on your requirements. They generally have some sort of tab on the long edge, providing a suitable place for a label and you can choose from a variety of shades if you want to colour-code your filing system.

If you use filing cabinets or another system that relies on hanging files, you'll also want to get some suspension files ? these have small hooks on the sides to hold them onto the rails in the cabinet or to the sides of filing boxes. They also incorporate tabs for labelling the contents.

Binders and box files

Lever arch folders and ring binders provide a way to keep a group of files together and in the right order. They also make it easy to transport a set of documents from one place to another, without the worry of losing a key page.

Similarly, box files can hold a large stack of pages, as well as a number of individual folders or even items like magazines or reports. These are generally a little larger than A4 size and work well for shelf-based filing systems.

Plastic pockets and other products

Various plastic pockets are ideal for protecting pages. They usually have pre-cut holes so it's easy to put them in ring binders, and while top-loading pockets are the most common type, other designs are available.

Dividers come in paper and plastic and are a great way for separating pages in a ring binder or folder. They are available in a variety of colours, making it easy to co-ordinate your filing system as appropriate. Plus, they usually include tabs for labels and pre-punched holes.

Presentation folders are generally used to make reports and other documents look professional, but they can also be handy for archive and storage purposes. Meanwhile, organisational folders include plenty of tabbed pockets for organising documents.

Archive boxes

If your filing cabinets are running out of room, archive boxes can be a great option for storing older documents that you're unlikely to use in the short term, but still need to hang on to.

These sturdy boxes can be stacked on top of each other, even when they are full of paper and they include space on the outside where you can write the contents ? just in case you ever need to find something.

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  • Q Connect Subject Dividers.
  • Colour coded, multi-punched dividers suitable for use in most types of...
  • Individually shrink wrapped to ensure dividers are kept in good...

£0.48 inc. vat

£1.00save £0.52

£0.40 ex. vat

£0.83save £0.43
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Extra Value A4 1-10 Multi-Colour Mylar Dividers

  • Size: A4
  • Index: 1-10
  • Colours: Multi-Coloured
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suitable for Lever Arch Files or Ring Binders

£0.50 inc. vat

£0.41 ex. vat

View product Standard Storage and Archive Box - 10 Pack

  • Everyday great value storage box
  • Double reinforced base
  • Triple reinforced handles
  • FSC Accredited
  • 10 pack

£11.99 inc. vat

£9.99 ex. vat

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Q-Connect A4 Clear Punched Pockets - 100 Pack

  • Q Connect Plastic Punched Pockets, the versatile way to protect your...
  • Strong 50 micron polypropylene pockets feature a multipunched...
  • Size: A4.

£2.26 inc. vat

£2.99save £0.73

£1.88 ex. vat

£2.49save £0.61
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Q Connect Boxfile Black - 5 Pack

  • Excellent quality, value for money diaries in a range to suit all...
  • The diaries are gold blocked on the cover, spine and rear.
  • Complete with ribbon markers.

£14.00 inc. vat

£11.66 ex. vat

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Q Connect Recycled Document Wallet - 50 Pack

  • Q Recycled Document Wallets.
  • Manufactured from heavyweight 100% recycled kraft manilla.
  • Deep pocket with half flap, gives extra protection to papers, and flap...

£8.00 inc. vat

£6.66 ex. vat

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Q Connect KF25001 Foolscap Storage Bag - 50 Pack

  • Manufactured from strong manilla with reinforced spine
  • Supplied flat packed with white tape
  • Foolscap
  • Internal dimensions - W100xD255xH350mm

£16.00 inc. vat

£13.33 ex. vat

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£16.49 inc. vat

£18.00save £1.51

£13.74 ex. vat

£15.00save £1.26
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  • Q Connect polypropylene Display Books.
  • Quality A4 display books ideal for everyday use and perfect for filing,...
  • Complete with 20 copy-safe pockets.
  • Colour - Black.

£1.10 inc. vat

£1.49save £0.39

£0.91 ex. vat

£1.24save £0.33
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  • Q Connect White Board Multicolour Tabbed Indexes with a matching...
  • Manufactured from White board with mylar reinforced tabs and punched...
  • Tabbed 1-5.

£1.00 inc. vat

£0.83 ex. vat

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Q Connect A4 Presentation Book

  • Q Connect Presentation Display Book allowing full personalisation...
  • Complete with 20 clear pockets.
  • Size: A4.
  • Colour -Black.

£1.19 inc. vat

£1.50save £0.31

£0.99 ex. vat

£1.25save £0.26
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Q Connect A4 Lever Arch File - Black

  • A4
  • 70mm Capacity
  • Finger pull for easy retrieval & Large labelling area on spine...
  • 70% recycled

£2.03 inc. vat

£1.69 ex. vat

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  • Q Connect Expanding Files.
  • 13-part expanding file manufactured from hard wearing...
  • 5in diskette in each.
  • Size: A4.

£5.50 inc. vat

£4.58 ex. vat

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  • Q Connect Document Folders, a safe and stylish way to store and carry...
  • Manufactured from hard wearing transparent polypropylene with a...
  • Suitable for A5 papers.

£3.50 inc. vat

£2.91 ex. vat

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  • Esselte Report File.
  • Lightweight polypropylene file featuring a 2-prong metal mechanism...
  • Suitable for A4 papers.
  • Colour - Red.

£10.49 inc. vat

£8.74 ex. vat

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