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In a busy office, we don't always have time to stop and take a proper lunch break, so stocking your kitchen or break room with plenty of catering supplies can make a big difference to your team's productivity, helping them to get through the day.
Of course, there are various other reasons to ensure you have these items to hand. For example, the annual office party or an end-of-project celebration might require cups, dishes and cutlery, while even a Friday afternoon cake break or birthday celebration will require at least some serviettes and a fork.
Whatever you're looking for in terms of office catering supplies, is sure to have it ? and at an affordable price. Indeed, we've brought together a broad range of supplies and with our quick delivery times, you won't have to wait long for them to arrive.

Tea, coffee and sugar

For many people, the morning doesn't begin until there's a cup of coffee or tea in their hand. Meanwhile some of your staff may feel that a few well-timed cuppas are needed to get them through the day.

Therefore, be sure to have the makings for these caffeinated beverages well stocked. For tea-making, you'll want plenty of tea bags   bulk packs of Tetley are available with up to 1,100 bags in each ? and of course a kettle.

Freeze-dried coffee granules are a quick and convenient option; they come in smaller jars or large tins. Or you could opt for a coffee machine for a more satisfying drink   in which case, you'll need filters, grounds and an electric coffee machine.

Don't forget some sachets of sugar, too. Choose from brown or white sugar from brands like Tate & Lyle.

Alternatively, for team members who don't like the taste of coffee or tea ? or who prefer to have a cold beverage now and again ? you might want to consider stocking up the fridge or a vending machine with soft drinks and bottled water.

Dishes and cutlery

In any office kitchen, a good stock of disposable dishes and cutlery is essential. These items will help you to avoid the question of who is responsible for the washing up ? or loading and unloading the dishwasher if you have one.

Although many of your team members may have their own coffee cup ? one with a whimsical design, a picture of a furry animal or a silly quote ? others will prefer the simplicity of using a disposable cup. They're also useful if you're offering visitors to your premises a cuppa on arrival.

Disposable plates come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they can be made from paper or plastic. Paper napkins are also useful to have around, and don't forget the plastic cutlery. Forks, knives and spoons are all useful, and you'll probably want some extra teaspoons, as they'll get used up quickly.


If you're looking for a simple way to sweeten someone's day, why not place a bowl of sweets in your reception area, meeting rooms or breakout space? Visitors and staff members alike will appreciate the friendly touch, and the boost of sugar will help see them through a long afternoon or difficult meeting.

There are plenty of other ways to make use of a big bag of sweets. For example, you could offer the candy as a fun reward, use it as a prize during a charity event or save it for a rainy day when it seems like everyone could use a little bit of encouragement.

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Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee - 750g

  • Smoother flavour
  • Richer aroma
  • An ideal drink to have during your coffee breaks.
  • 100% pure coffee with no artificial additives.
  • One tin is 750g which makes approx 420 cups.

£18.99 inc. vat

£26.86save £7.87

£18.99 ex. vat

£26.86save £7.87
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PG Tips One Cup Tea Bags - 100 Pack

  • One cup tea bags
  • Useful tag to enable easy removal of used tea bag
  • A delicious cup tea in just 2 minutes brew time
  • Ideal for catering us, cafes, conferences etc
  • 100 Pack

£4.58 inc. vat

£4.85save £0.27

£4.58 ex. vat

£4.85save £0.27
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Cadburys Variety Bag - 465g

  • Cadburys Treatsize Variety Bag.
  • Fantastic selection of Cadbury treats in a smaller bag.
  • 465g.

£5.50 inc. vat

£5.99save £0.49

£4.58 ex. vat

£4.99save £0.41
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Nestle Treatsize Bags - 22 Mini Bars

  • Nestle Treatsize Minis.
  • Selection bag of approximately 22 mini sized treats.
  • Includes: Aero, Milky Bar, Smarties and Fruit Pastilles.

£4.00 inc. vat

£3.33 ex. vat

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Maxima 7oz Squat Vending Cup - 100 Pack

  • 7oz squat plastic vending cups.
  • Suitable for use in vending machines.
  • White.
  • Pack 100.

£4.00 inc. vat

£3.33 ex. vat

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Lakeland Half Fat Semi Skimmed Milk Pots - 120 Pack

  • Millac Maid Half-fat Semi-Skimmed Milk.
  • Single portions for use in tea and Coffee.

£7.08 inc. vat

£8.33save £1.25

£7.08 ex. vat

£8.33save £1.25
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Cadburys Instant Hot Chocolate - 2kg

  • Cadburys Chocolate Break
  • Hot chocolate in an instant, simply add water
  • 2kg

£15.83 inc. vat

£16.66save £0.83

£15.83 ex. vat

£16.66save £0.83
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Insulated Polystyrene 7oz Cup - 50 Pack

  • Insulated cup to carry hot drinks safely.
  • Lids also available for safe transportation of hot drinks.
  • 7oz capacity
  • Pack 50

£2.50 inc. vat

£2.08 ex. vat

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Nescafe Original One Cup Sachets - 200 Pack

  • Nescafe Original Instant Coffee Stick Packs.
  • Rich tasting Nescafe granules in handy one-cup stick packs.
  • 200 Pack

£17.49 inc. vat

£17.49 ex. vat

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Crawfords Assorted Mini Biscuit Packs - 100 Pack

  • Crawfords Mini Biscuit Packs
  • 100 assorted portion packs
  • 6 varieties: Bourbon, Digestive, Oat, Wholemeal, Rich Shorties, Jam...
  • Ideal for the office or boardroom

£27.08 inc. vat

£27.08 ex. vat

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Nescafe Coffee Granules 750g

  • 750g
  • The unmistakable taste
  • Comforting, intense coffee aroma
  • A medium-dark roast
  • Naturally rich in antioxidants

£17.97 inc. vat

£17.97 ex. vat

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Yorkshire Tea 1 Cup Tea Bags - 1200 Pack

  • 1-Cup Tea Bag.
  • Only the very best teas from Africa, Assam & Sri-Lanka are used...
  • Creates a carefully balanced blend
  • A proper tasting cuppa, pure and simple

£23.11 inc. vat

£23.11 ex. vat

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CPD 9" White Paper Plate - 100 Pack

  • 9" white paper plates ideal for office catering, meeting and...
  • Pack 100

£5.99 inc. vat

£4.99 ex. vat

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McVities Original Butter Shortbread - 48 Pack

  • McVities All Butter Shortbread Biscuits.
  • Individual packs each containing 2-fingers
  • 48 Packs

£27.91 inc. vat

£27.91 ex. vat

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