5 Star Desktop Accessories & Organisation

Although an increasing amount of tasks can be done on computers, many offices still use stationery, whether it's to fill out forms that need to be posted or for making notes.
If they cannot be stored away neatly though, they can make desks look untidy. A cluttered space can also make it hard to find items, but by choosing desktop organisation products you can improve the effectiveness of your working area.

Stationery cups

Like their name suggests, these can store various items of stationery and enable you to reach them quickly whenever you require them. The Fellowes Office Suites Pencil Cup holds the likes of pens, scissors and pencils, with central dividers allowing you to keep different objects separated from one another.

Document holders

If you need to look at information in a book or catalogue while you're on the computer, use a document holder to help keep your page. Choosing the 3M freestanding document holder enables books and paperwork to be held open remotely, with its height can be adjusted for optimum viewing.

Magazine file

Instead of having piles of papers mounting up on top of a desk, use an expanding magazine file to store your documents neatly. The Snopake Eligo Portrait Desk Expander has colour-coded sections to organise your paperwork and, as you accumulate more papers, these can be expanded outwards to accommodate your growing collection.

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