Glue & Sticky Tape

If you want to stick a piece of paper to another or put something on the wall, you have a range of adhesive options to choose from. Two of the most popular products, however, are glue and sticky tape, both of which enable you to fix things together quickly and easily.

Sticky tape

Sticky tape offers an effective way to put up signs and notices on walls, and, as it comes on rolls, you can take off as much or as little as you need. Tape can be used to seal envelopes and secure boxes, while the fact the material is see-through means you don't have to worry about it making your office look unsightly.


Tape can be easily removed from most surfaces, but if you're after something a little stronger, it's worth getting glue. Buy a pack of glue sticks and you can easily attach pieces of paper and card together and, with a range of sizes available, you should find something in the right dimensions for your needs.

If you want to attach more robust materials to each other together, it's worth using a glue gun. These handheld devices heat up glue allowing ceramics, wood and fabric - among other things - to be stuck to each other, with a trigger giving you precision and control as the adhesive is applied.

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Scotch Packaging Tape 50mmx66m Brwn - 6 Pack

  • General purpose polypropylene tape for sealing rough parcels, brown...
  • Solvent-free adhesive.
  • 48 micron quality.
  • Size: 50mm x 66m.

£17.99 inc. vat

£14.99 ex. vat

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Qconnect Packaging Tape Low Noise Brown - 6 Pack

  • Q Connect Packing Tape.
  • Polypropylene, low noise tape that dispenses without that annoying...
  • Size - 50mm x 66m.
  • Colour - Buff.

£8.00 inc. vat

£6.66 ex. vat

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Scotch Packaging Tape Pp 50mmx66m Clear - 6 Pack

  • Scotch Polypropylene Packaging Tape.
  • General purpose polypropylene tape with solvent free adhesive, ideal...
  • Size - 50mm x 66m.
  • Colour - Clear.

£14.99 inc. vat

£12.49 ex. vat

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Qconnect Hazard Tape 48mmx20m Yllw Blk - 6 Pack

  • Q-Connect Hazard Tape.
  • Highly visible yellow/black adhesive-backed tape.
  • Warns to avoid dangerous areas or materials.
  • Sticks securely and lies evenly in straight or curved lines.

£13.49 inc. vat

£11.24 ex. vat

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Scotch Pack Tape Pvc 50mmx66m Buff - 6 Pack

  • Scotch PVC Packaging Tape.
  • 50 micron, silent unwinding tape ideal for use with all types of...
  • Size - 50mm x 66m.
  • Colour - Buff.

£23.00 inc. vat

£19.16 ex. vat

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Sellotape Golden Tape 48mmx66m 1443304 - 6 Pack

  • Sellotape Original Golden Tape.
  • Extra sticky, easy tear adhesive tape that is clear when applied....
  • Non static for better control.
  • Ideal for general office and household use.

£25.00 inc. vat

£20.83 ex. vat

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Sellotape Removable Sticky Fixer - 20x40mm

  • Sellotape Removable Sticky Fixers.
  • Double-sided foam pads for indoor use, ideal for hanging posters,...

£2.99 inc. vat

£2.49 ex. vat

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£3.50 inc. vat

£7.49save £3.99

£2.91 ex. vat

£6.24save £3.33
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Vinyl Tape Hazard Yellow/black - 6 Pack

  • Hazard tape warns of potential danger.
  • Strong, durable PVC tape designed for marking out dangerous areas....
  • 50mm x 33m.
  • Yellow/black.

£42.50 inc. vat

£35.41 ex. vat

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Sellotape Case Sealing Tape 50mmx66m - 6 Pack

  • Sellotape Case Sealing Tape.
  • Premium quality, tough, waterproof vinyl buff tape, for secure...
  • Size: 50mmx66m.
  • 6 Pack.

£23.99 inc. vat

£19.99 ex. vat

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£2.00 inc. vat

£1.66 ex. vat

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  • Q Connect Tape Dispenser.
  • Tough Black plastic tape dispenser.
  • Ideal for home or office.
  • Designed to take 33m or 66m tapes up to 25mm wide.

£4.00 inc. vat

£3.33 ex. vat

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