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For any business, there will be a time when sending emails just isn't enough. That's when letters, parcels and other packages come in handy ? and it's best to be well prepared for every eventuality.
This is especially true if you're despatching orders, after all, the packaging is what will make the first impression to your customers. So be sure to choose these supplies carefully, as good quality and attractive packaging can make a big difference when it comes to client satisfaction.
Here at, we offer a wide range of high-quality and affordable packing and mailing supplies. With our collection of products, you can rest assured that you'll have everything you need to send your message or goods in a timely manner ? and in a way that ensures the contents are well protected and pleasingly presented.


Probably the most commonly used of the range of packing and mailing supplies, envelopes come in a variety of shapes sizes, including C4, C5, C6 and C7, as well as square, ensuring there's something for every situation.

Standard envelopes may have dry glue that needs to be moistened to be activated, while others have an adhesive strip. They are also provided in various shades like pure white, beige and brown, while coloured envelopes can be a good way to get attention.

Items with clear plastic windows are useful if you don't want to worry about putting address labels on the envelopes, as the address on the letter inside will show through.

For contents that need a bit of extra protection, you might want to get envelopes those that are padded ? they may contain special fibres or bubble wrap. Meanwhile, board envelopes are nice and sturdy and will help to prevent contents like photographs or important documents from being folded or otherwise damaged in transit.

Specialised envelopes for sending items like CDs or DVDs are also available.

Postage and packing supplies

Of course, there are plenty of situations when you'll need more than an envelope. That's why it's a good idea to have various other postage and packing supplies around.

Cardboard boxes, for example, come in a number of sizes, giving you a wide range of options so there's always the right size for your needs.

Other options include parcel bags, and be sure to consider protective packing material like polystyrene pieces and bubble wrap.

After everything's placed in the boxes, you'll also want plenty of packing tape to hold the package shut during shipment. Stretchy plastic film can also be a good choice, as it holds everything together and protects the contents from getting wet.

Postroom equipment

For companies that do a lot of mailing ? whether it's for direct marketing or another reason ? there's an array of equipment that can help you get the task done quickly and efficiently.

Envelope feeders, for example, snap on to the paper tray of your printer, making it easy to feed envelopes through the device for simple, trouble-free labelling.

A letter folder is another useful device to have in a postroom. These devices can rapidly fold A4 pages into three sections, or other configurations, so they'll easily fit into the envelope.

Other items you might want to consider for your postroom include mail sorters, tape dispensers and holders for plastic wrap, as well as box knives and stamp moisteners.

Finally, be sure to consider a trolley or truck for your postroom. These are perfect for moving heavy boxes from one point to another without straining your back.

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Q-Connect C4 Gusset Envelopes - 100 Pack

  • Q Connect Gusset Envelopes, ideal for mailing bulky items.
  • Manufactured from strong 120gsm manilla
  • Peel and seal flap
  • Gusset expands to 25mm.

£16.49 inc. vat

£13.74 ex. vat

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  • Basildon Bond Recycled Peel and Seal Plain Envelopes.
  • Supplied in convenient small packs ideal for use on the move or in the...
  • Size - C5 (324 x 162mm).

£5.50 inc. vat

£4.58 ex. vat

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  • Jemini Plus Mobile Pedestal.
  • For use with Sorting Desk (KF838362).
  • Top drawer for small sundries, plus two shelves.
  • Colour: White: Dimensions: W420 x D710 x H790mm.

£124.49 inc. vat

£103.74 ex. vat

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  • Sealed Air Mail Lite protective Postal Bags.
  • Typically saving over 35% in postal costs.
  • White outer Kraft offers the perfect solution for high impact quality...
  • Internal dimensions - 220x330mm.

£11.50 inc. vat

£9.58 ex. vat

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Q Connect C4 90G White Self Seal Envelopes - 250 Pack

  • Flawless Bright White Wove envelopes
  • Opaque interior ensuring letters remain confidential
  • 90gsm envelope
  • Self-seal flap.

£14.00 inc. vat

£14.50save £0.50

£11.66 ex. vat

£12.08save £0.42
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  • Q Connect Packing Tape Dispenser.
  • High quality lightweight plastic and steel pistol grip dispenser with...
  • Designed for durability while minimising operator fatigue.

£5.50 inc. vat

£4.58 ex. vat

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DYMO M10 Digital Scale Mailing

  • Perfect solution for correct postage
  • Postal Scale
  • Ideal for weighing envelopes & packages
  • No more endless waiting at the post office lines
  • 10Kg Max Weight

£61.00 inc. vat

£50.83 ex. vat

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£5.99 inc. vat

£9.50save £3.51

£4.99 ex. vat

£7.91save £2.92
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£0.02 inc. vat

£2.66save £2.64

£0.01 ex. vat

£2.21save £2.20
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  • Q Connect White Envelopes.
  • Flawless Bright White Wove envelopes with an opaque interior ensuring...
  • 90gsm envelope with self seal flap.
  • Size: (C5) 229mmx162mm (9x6.

£16.00 inc. vat

£13.33 ex. vat

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  • Lightweight bubble bag for more economical posting.
  • Sizes are internal.
  • 140x195mm.
  • Pack 100.

£19.49 inc. vat

£16.24 ex. vat

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  • Ambassador Minigrip Bag with Write-on Strip.
  • Revolutionary re-sealable bags.
  • Seals better and faster with a simple, efficient, interlocking seal....
  • Size 205x280mm.

£41.00 inc. vat

£34.16 ex. vat

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