Writing & Drawing

In the digital era, the sound of a busy office is usually the tap tap tap of fingers quickly typing away on computer keyboards.
However, there are plenty of occasions when you and your team will need to look away from the monitor and work on paper instead ? whether it's simply to jot down a note, sign an agreement or make revisions on a hardcopy document ? so it's essential to keep your supply cupboard well stocked with a good selection of writing and drawing utensils.
If you're looking for high-quality yet affordable pens, pencils, markers and other such products, Ebuyer.com can help. We offer a wide range of products and fast delivery times, so you can rest assured each member of your team can always find something to write with.

Pens and pencils

Writing and drawing supplies come in an array of types, each specifically designed for a particular purpose ? so if you're stocking up, be sure to take this into consideration.

Ballpoint pens in black, blue and red are some of the most common pens for office use. Popular brands include Pilot Rollerball and Bic, while fineliners are another common option for everyday use due to their comfort, smooth writing and well-defined lines.

Highlighter pens are another office essential, making it easy to flag up information or for colour-coding documents. You may also want to consider items like marker pens, which are great for use on flip-charts during meetings and presentations. And if you have a whiteboard, be sure to stock up dry erase markers.

Pens and pencils specifically for drawing and drafting are available. These provide the precise lines that architects and technical workers require. Meanwhile, coloured pencils and other implements are also on offer.

If you're looking for something a bit special, either as a gift or a treat for yourself, executive pens and pencils are a good choice. These come in a variety of attractive designs and are a pleasure to use. Many may even be provided in a gift box or case that looks fabulous sitting on a desk, and refills are available so they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Correction products

No matter how careful we might be, we all make mistakes from time to time. Luckily, at least when it comes to documents, those errors can be easily fixed with the right correction products.

Correction fluid from top-name brands like Tipex is one popular choice. Simply brush it on over the error and let it dry. Similarly, correction rollers are easy to use products that don't require drying time. What's more, the product goes onto the paper flat, meaning it's easy to write over.

Rubbers and erasers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for removing pencil marks, and buying in bulk ? such as a box of 20 ? can help you save even more money.

Art and craft supplies

Of course, not all writing and drawing supplies are meant for the office environment. Some are ideal for more creative purposes, such as arts and crafts projects.

Whether it's back to school time, or you simply want to encourage a youngster's creativity, be sure to check out our collection of children's writing and drawing supplies, which includes crayons, coloured pencils, thick markers designed for little hands and even chalk for creating art on the pavement, the patio or the drive.

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  • Velleda drywipe markers are ideal for everyday office use, and are...
  • Can be used on any dry wipe surface and erased up to a few weeks later on...

£4.49 inc. vat

£3.74 ex. vat

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£1.49 inc. vat

£1.24 ex. vat

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  • Q Drywipe Markers.
  • Xylene free dry wipe markers for use on Whiteboards.
  • Low odour ink dries instantly yet can be removed easily with a dry cloth....

£2.00 inc. vat

£1.66 ex. vat

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Pentel Refill Erasers Pk4 Z2-1n - 12 Pack

  • Pentel Refill Erasers - Z2-IN.
  • For use with all Pentel mechanical pencils.
  • 12 Pack.

£14.50 inc. vat

£12.08 ex. vat

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Papermate Sharpie Twin Tip Marker Black - 12 Pack

  • Paper Mate Sharpie Twin-Tip Marker.
  • Permanent marker suitable for use on most hard surfaces.
  • Features a standard, durable, fibre tip on one end and a ultra-fine tip...

£14.50 inc. vat

£12.08 ex. vat

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  • Self adhesive hook and loop fasteners, ideal for mounting posters,...
  • Stick together and detach as often as required.
  • Hook and loop strip (wallet) 20mmx0.
  • 45m.

£1.79 inc. vat

£1.49 ex. vat

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  • Q Connect CD Markers.
  • Bullet tipped, waterproof markers ideal for marking CDs and DVDs....
  • Each pack contains 3 x Black, 2 x Red and 2 x Green 3x Blue

£4.00 inc. vat

£4.49save £0.49

£3.33 ex. vat

£3.74save £0.41
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Q Connect Thimblettes Size3 Orange - 12 Pack

  • Q Connect Thimblettes.
  • Manufactured from high quality rubber and ideal for note counting and...
  • Size 3.
  • Colour: Orange.

£2.00 inc. vat

£1.66 ex. vat

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Q Connect Fineliner Pen 0.4 Black - 10 Pack

  • Q Connect Fineliner Pen.
  • An ultrafine tip writes and draws fine and precisely, ideal for...
  • This classic fine line writer produces a 0.

£5.00 inc. vat

£4.16 ex. vat

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Bic Cristal Grip Ball Pen Black - 20 Pack

  • Bic Cristal Grip Ballpen, high writing comfort at an affordable price....
  • Cristal Grip has a clear barrel with a added grip for comfort and control...
  • Ink Colour - Black.

£7.49 inc. vat

£6.24 ex. vat

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  • Pentel Maxiflo Whiteboard Markers Fine.
  • Drywipe markers with unique pump action system to replenish ink...
  • Suitable for white or porcelain boards.
  • Bullet tip gives approximately 1.

£7.49 inc. vat

£6.24 ex. vat

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Papermate Sharpie Fine Marker Blue - 12 Pack

  • Paper Mate Sharpie Marker.
  • Pen style marker with a convenient pocket clip and quick drying...
  • Fine nib gives 1.
  • 0mm line width.

£8.99 inc. vat

£7.49 ex. vat

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Q Connect Highlighter Orange - 10 Pack

  • Q Connect Highlighter Pen.
  • Bright fluorescent colours for highlighting important words etc....
  • The chisel tip draws both broad lines for highlighting or narrow lines...

£2.99 inc. vat

£2.49 ex. vat

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  • Pentel Automatic Pencil, the professional choice for drawing and...
  • Features include, precise lead advance, adjustable pocket clip....

£5.50 inc. vat

£4.58 ex. vat

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Staedtler Stick Bpen Fine Black 430-f9 - 10 Pack

  • Staedtler Stick 430 Ballpen.
  • Sturdy ballpoint pens with ventilated caps and extra long writing...
  • Regulated ink flow avoids blobbing and scratching.
  • Fine.

£2.50 inc. vat

£2.08 ex. vat

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