USB Cards

USB is one of the most common ways to connect external devices to computers. The technology is used in everything from printers, external hard drives and pen drives, through to digital cameras, speakers, mobile phones and e-book readers.
With so much relying on USB connections, if your computer doesn't have a USB card, or if it has an outdated unit, you may want to install a new one.
Here at, we offer a wide range of USB cards for you to choose from, whether you have a laptop or desktop computer.
Our collection includes a number of items from top-name brands like Startech, Belkin, Iomega and Plexus. In addition, you can enjoy significant savings when you order from our website.

To ensure you pick the right USB card for your needs, you should take time to consider the number of ports required - one, two and four are all common options.

You should also think about the type of hubs that connect the USB card to your computer. These are commonly PCI, PCI Express, CardBus and SATA.

In addition, you can think about the version of the USB technology. For example, USB 2.0 is more affordable, while USB 3.0 is faster.

With, shopping for USB cards and other computer components is easy. Our online store is safe and secure and once your transaction is complete, we'll work hard to get your products shipped as soon as possible.

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Xenta 5 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card

  • 4 External Ports and 1 Internal Port
  • Requires PCI card slot on your motherboard
  • USB2.0 and USB1.1 compatible
  • Plug and play with Windows7

£2.99 inc. vat

£2.49 ex. vat

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Xenta USB 3.0 Card 4 Port - PCI-Express

  • Convert your existing PC to USB3.0 speeds!
  • Adds 4x high speed USB3.0 ports
  • Requires a spare PCI-Express x1 slot
  • Compatible with USB2.0 and USB1.1 devices

£13.98 inc. vat

£11.65 ex. vat

View product 2 Port PCI Express (PCIe) SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Card Adapter with UASP - SATA Power

  • Provides two external USB 3.0 ports with UASP support
  • Supports data rates up to 5 Gbps
  • Compliant with PCI Express 2.0 specifications

£23.00 inc. vat

£19.16 ex. vat

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£19.00 inc. vat

£26.74save £7.74

£15.83 ex. vat

£22.28save £6.45
View product 2 Port PCI Express SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Card Adapter

  • Providing speeds up to 10x faster than that of USB 2.0
  • This PCI Express USB 3.0 card enables you to access your data and...

£20.50 inc. vat

£24.50save £4.00

£17.08 ex. vat

£20.41save £3.33
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