Blank CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray Media

Blank CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray Media

If you're looking to store, distribute, transport or backup digital files such as photos, documents, databases, movies and music, then you will need some new blank media. And here at, we can help.

Blank Media

We have a wide range of media ranging from blank CDs and DVDs to Blu-Ray discs. Whichever device or media you are using all the blank discs at Ebuyer offer reliable writing and playing and excellent playback compatibility.

In addition many of the blank DVDs and CDs provide generous rewrite cycles, high storage density and are recordable in multiple formats. For more information on using blank media for transferring data see this article How to copy a CD and DVD to your PC.

Buy In Bulk

Depending on what you want to use the blank discs for, we can provide them on spindles of up to 100 for personal or business users. Buying these blank discs in bulk makes them excellent value for money with a very low cost per unit.

Labelling Your Media

Some blank DVDs and CDs can be printed with inkjet printers. Alternatively some software allows users to laser-etch words or images directly onto the front of a blank CD or DVD. It's a low-cost and effective way to permanently label your blank discs or for businesses to add their branding to the media they distribute.

Buying From Ebuyer

You can find the blank media you require by using the filter feature on the left of the screen and searching by brand, pack size or speed. Order today for quick delivery in the UK.

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£3.96 inc. vat

£4.44save £0.48

£3.30 ex. vat

£3.70save £0.40
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Verbatim 16x DVD-R Discs - 100 Pack Spindle

  • Can record 4.7GB of data in just 5 minutes
  • Single Layer, single side
  • 4.7GB Capacity
  • 16x Speed
  • 100 Pack

£20.00 inc. vat

£16.66 ex. vat

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TDK 16x DVD-R Discs - 100 Pack Spindle

  • Write-once DVD-R
  • 4.7GB Capacity
  • 16x Write Speed
  • Cakebox Package Type
  • 100 discs

£16.34 inc. vat

£17.67save £1.33

£13.61 ex. vat

£14.72save £1.11
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Verbatim 52x CD-R Discs - 25 Pack Spindle

  • Superior resistance to UV irradiation
  • Extra Protection
  • Up to 40 years or AZO up to 100 years archival life
  • Lowest error rate against a range of CD writers

£3.99 inc. vat

£4.49save £0.50

£3.32 ex. vat

£3.74save £0.42
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Avery Paper XL White CD/DVD Sleeves - 100 Pack

  • Perfect for storing, protecting and posting CDs & DVDs
  • The extra large clear window allows easy viewing of labels
  • Great alternative to jewel cases.

£6.10 inc. vat

£5.08 ex. vat

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Fellowes CD White Paper Sleeves - 50 Pack

  • Fellowes paper CD envelopes.
  • Equipped with a clear plastic window that allows for easy CD...
  • Hold one CD/DVD without jewel case.

£3.35 inc. vat

£2.79 ex. vat

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Verbatim 16x 4.7GB AdvAzo DVD-R - 10 Pack Spindle

  • Capacity: 4.7GB
  • Speed: 16x
  • Pack Style: 10 Pack Spindle
  • Disc Surface: Matt Silver

£2.52 inc. vat

£2.74save £0.22

£2.10 ex. vat

£2.28save £0.18
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Verbatim 16x DVD-R Inkjet Printable Discs - 50 Pack

  • 4.7GB Native Capacity
  • Write Speed - 16x
  • Wide Photo Printable Disc Surface
  • Spindle Package Type
  • 50 Pack

£11.00 inc. vat

£9.16 ex. vat

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Imation 52x CD-R Thermal Printable - 100 Pack

  • Record data permanently
  • CD-Rs cannot be erased or overwritten
  • High performance, high-capacity media
  • Create a CD in less than 4 minutes at 52x speed

£28.49 inc. vat

£23.74 ex. vat

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£4.90 inc. vat

£4.08 ex. vat

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£8.50 inc. vat

£10.49save £1.99

£7.08 ex. vat

£8.74save £1.66
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  • 15 pages with 219 products