Get ready for the digital switchover

Getting set for digital

Television in the UK is going digital, bringing us all more choice and new services. But dont be worried we are here to help we have put together important information and products to help you with the digital switch.

What equipment will I need

You do not need to replace your existing television sets to receive digital services. You will need to get some additional equipment that will connect to your existing television. At Ebuyer we want to make sure you are not left in the dark with the digital switch over so we have put other our top three in Digital Televisions and Freeview products ut if you like to find out more about our ranges please vist the following links below.

When is the switch happening

This table gives more information about when television will start to go fully digital in each TV region.

Region Switchover happens in Dates
Border 2008 - 09 Now live!
West Country, Granada 2009 Now live!
Wales 2009 - 10 Now live!
West, STV North 2010 Now live!
STV Central 2010 - 11 Now live!
Central, Yorkshire, Anglia 2011 Now live!
Meridian 2012 Now live!
London 2012 Now live!
Tyne Tees 2012 Starting 12th September 2012
Ulster 2012 Starting 10th October 2012

How do I make your switch

If you currently receive just the traditional five UK channels (BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 and Five) - or only some of them - on any of your TV sets, you´ll need to think about your options for getting digital TV.

Every TV set you want to keep watching in your home will need to be converted or upgraded to digital.

How do I know what to buy?

You don´t need to replace your existing TV unless you want to but you will need a digital box (via aerial, satellite dish or cable).

However if you are thinking of upgrading your current set consider getting a TV with a digital box built in (a "digital TV") and look for the ´digital tick´ logo. And don´t forget your video recorder: If you use a video (VCR) or a DVD recorder for recording you will still be able to record and play back tapes/DVDs as before.

But, if you want to record one digital channel while you are watching another, you'll need a digital TV recorder with one or more digital tuners (Freeview Playback, Sky+ or ntl: Telewest TV Drive).


Look for the ´digital tick´ logo which certifies products and services that are designed to keep working after switchover.

Please have a look at the videos provided to get more information

Digital UK

How to switch

Get the right equipment

Digital Terrestrial TV:

Viewers will need a digital set top box or a new television with built in digital adapter (known as an integrated digital TV, or IDTV). Some viewers may also need to replace their aerial.

Digital Satellite TV:

Viewers will need a satellite receiver and dish, provided by the satellite broadcaster.

Digital Set top Boxes:

Viewers will need a set top Boxes if you dont have a digital tv.