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Set your tablet
or laptop free.

Get online quickly and easily with pay as you go
mobile broadband from Three and

Mobile Wi-Fi.

Three Wifi Device
  • Connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices at once.

USB Dongle.

Three USB Dongle
  • Simply plug into your laptop and get online on the go.

Data SIMs.

  • Just drop into your 3G or 4G device and get online on the go.

Use your Mobile Broadband abroad at no extra cost.

With Feel At Home. Covering 16 destinations including the USA, Australia and now France.

Enjoy 4G at no extra cost.

Available to everyone with a 4G device in a 4G area at no extra cost.

All our data SIMs work in 3G and 4G devices.

Freedom to roam

The great thing about mobile broadband, unlike the static service you receive at home or in the office, is that you take the network with you wherever you go and, as it uses their mobile phone network, it can accessed anywhere that that receives a signal. So you can always be online and, depending on location, 4G services can also be accessed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sat in your house, a café in town or a field in the middle of nowhere you can still use your laptop, tablet or other enabled device to surf the web, send & receive emails or even do your weekly shopping online.

Multiple connectivity

With Three mobile broadband you are able to connect different devices. As long as it is Wi-Fi enabled any gadget or device can be hooked up to the broadband so your laptop, tablet and smartphone can all be connected to your mobile broadband simultaneously.

Choose your device

Three’s mobile broadband can be accessed through different mediums all of which are available here at Choose from a mobile Wi-Fi device, a USB dongle for your laptop or a Data SIM card for your tablet PC. And, all Three mobile broadband products come preloaded with data so they are instantly ready for use.

A word about data

When you use your Three mobile broadband service you will use data. Data is expended when sending email, browsing websites and downloading music or movies. And, with pay as you go mobile broadband, you pay for the data as it is used.

Of course, the amount you pay depends on how much data you use but as a general guide surfing the internet and sending email will account for around 1 to 2GB each month.

However, Three advise that:

  • Surfing a website uses less than 1MB of data
  • Downloading a typical four minute music track uses approximately 6MB
  • A YouTube video could use up to 15MB
  • Watching iPlayer online for an hour uses about 700MB

The data used each month when using Three mobile broadband can be tracked through your free My3 account.

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