DRAM: Find out why 2400Mhz high-speed memory should be your next upgrade.

If youre upgrading to a new system with an Intel 4th Generation Core processor, you already know that more DRAM is better. You can run more applications at once, switching between applications is easier, and you can work with larger files without relying on the speed of your hard drive. But, with the new memory management features of the latest processors, memory speed is more important than ever. Standard DDR3 memory runs at 1600 MHz, but choosing memory that runs at 2400MHz or even 1866 MHz will help your new system run even better.

Memory speed matters.

Faster DRAM allows for much better responsiveness from the processor's built-in graphics engine. If you're gaming or using photo editing or video editing software, you'll enjoy faster task switching and better overall responsiveness. In short, your system will just feel faster

Setup is easy.

In fact, it's automatic. Corsair Vengeance and Dominator DDR3 memory modules support the Intel XMP memory standard. Just enable XMP in your system's BIOS, and the processor will detect the fastest speed supported by your memory and step up memory bus performance to match it.

High speed memory is stable and reliable.

Gone are the days when operating at faster memory speeds meant venturing into the realm of sacrificing system stability. Corsair high-performance memory modules are subjected to vigorous screening and selection processes to ensure reliable operation at high speeds over the entire product life span. That's why all Corsair memory is backed by a life time warranty.

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Corsair Vengeance DDR3 memory modules are designed with overclockers in mind, with performance-screened ICs and aluminum heat spreaders for fast heat dissipation.

As a bonus, the attractive low price of Vengeance memory will also leave lots of room in your system build budget.

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Vengeance Pro Series

Corsair Vengeance Pro Series memory modules are designed for overclocking on the latest 3rd and 4th generation Intel® Core™ platforms, with ICs specially selected for performance potential.

The aluminum heat spreaders provide superior temperature management and have the aggressive look you want in your gaming rig.

Like the original Vengeance line, Vengeance Pro Series is priced to deliver class-leading value, so your system build budget will go farther.

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Dominator Platinum

Dominator Platinum is the worlds most advanced performance memory. It builds on the legacy of the world's most awarded high-performance memory, adding a striking new industrial design and LED lighting effects.

Like all Dominator memory, Dominator Platinum modules are built using only select memory ICs, highly-screened for performance and stability, and feature our patented DHX cooling technology so you can push them to the limit

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