Idon'twantto changetheworld

I just want to add a little colour.

With the new Bamboo Fun tablet from Wacom, you have the perfect tool to fully express yourself - turn happy snaps into happier snaps by retouching and editing your photos or digitally draw and paint the masterpieces that you know are in you!

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I like to edit photos, draw, sketch, paint
Do you like to create digital masterpiece's and edit your photos to create the ultimate memories?
Bamboo Fun

The perfect tool for your creativity.

Meet your favourite creative companion - sleek, fun and sensationally intuitive! The new Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch tablet lets you tweet with style and turn happy snapshots into photographic masterpieces. Styled in silver and black, it comes in two sizes - small and medium.

Take the tablet wherever you go and use it wirelessly with the accessory kit. Turn your Mac or PC into the ultimate tool for creativity. Retouch and manage your profile pics with the full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 or 9 (Small or Medium tablet size) that is included. Sketch, doodle and paint with ArtRage 3 or Corel Painter Essentials 4 software (comes only with Fun M).

Use the power of the pen or the stroke and swipe of your fingertips - great for navigating, rotating and zooming in and out on websites, documents and photos. A variety of exciting Bamboo apps are kept ready for download and are part of this package.

Bamboo Fun Small
Bamboo Fun Medium

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