Intuos4 - Where it all begins.

The Wacom pen tablet specialists who developed the Intuos4 were inspired by specific feedback from members of Wacom's global professional community. The result is a pen tablet that might have the power to change the professional lives of thousands of creative talents all over the world.

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Intuos4. Where it all begins.

Ever asked yourself how characters, emotions and ideas come to life - whether through photography, illustration, 3D-design, animation or the fine arts? The answer is a pioneering innovation that redefines the pen tablet category: Intuos4 by Wacom.

Designed for creative professionals, in five different versions - S, M, Wireless, L and XL - it delivers what is probably the most natural drawing experience you can imagine. The 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity capture even the slightest nuance of pressure with maximum precision. Its ergonomic, ambidextrous design was developed to facilitate long hours of work that won't wear you out.

It offers customisable ExpressKeys™ - including OLED displays showing the current function setting of each key on the M, Wireless, L and XL tablet models. New radial menus enable fast access to shortcuts - at the stroke of a pen. Scrolling, zooming and brush adjustments can be done with a fingertip thanks to the Touch Ring with toggle functionality. In particular, the Intuos4 Wireless provides for optimal comfort: thanks to Bluetooth wireless connectivity, it allows for maximum mobility.

Try it out. Discover for yourself where it all begins: Discover the world of Intuos4.

Intuos4 S
Intuos4 M
Intuos4 L

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