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Don't let your storage capacity restrict your ideas


The world of storage has been transformed since first HDD was made in 1961. They were massive units by modern standards, coming in at 1.3m tall and 1.8m wide.

Today's storage units are tiny by comparison; but their capacity has just got bigger than ever with the arrival of the terabyte era.

It is storage space that's urgently needed. More and more devices are coming to the market and we use most of them to produce content: music, videos, pictures, documents, etc.

Back in the early 80s the smaller "consumer" hard disk drives started appearing in microcomputers (now known as PCs).

The first ones were 5 MB in size and had a form factor of 5.25 inches. 80% of the users only used around 50% of the drive capacity. We were not producing so much content at that time and the cost of memory was almost prohibitive (A 5 MB hard disk drive cost $3,500 in 1981. That's $700,000 per GB).

Ten years later, in 1990, a normal hard drive held about 40 MB, with more expensive options able to store more than 100 MB.

The storage capacity grew but the devices available and the content we produced as a result of that also grew.

Fast forward to today and, although we have significantly larger GB drives available, it is not enough for most users or it won't be enough soon.

Even the 500 GB drive you're probably using at the moment won't be big enough to cope with everything you'll want to do in the future as technology evolves. That includes capturing, editing, accessing and sharing your music, pictures, videos and much, much more.

Do more in the terabyte era

Today's 500 GB capacity will no longer be enough.
Upgrading to 1 terabyte now will give you so much more:

  • 2x as much storage
    that's 125,000 more songs,
    100,000 more photos and 38
    more hours of video

  • 4x bigger cache
    capability means your
    data is easier to find

  • 50% of the cost
    per gigabyte
    makes 1 terabyte storage
    the only option

The power of choice

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