Speed + Capacity - Upgrade the Pros- WD Green + SSD

Build your PC or Mac like the pros with an SSD as your primary storage device and a WD Green drive as your secondary storage device for massive files, programs and games. Combining a WD Green drive as secondary storage for your games or program files, saves space on your SSD for increased efficiency and system performance and gives you additional storage capacities up to 6 TB.

Don't sacrifice on capacity or speed.

  • Load your operating system on the SSD and your multimedia files on the WD Green HDD. Preserve the capacity on your typically smaller SSD and transfer larger files onto the WD Green drive.

Give yourself room to grow.

  • Having access to a larger drive should make it easier to transfer and manage your large files. Once you set up your OS on the SSD, copy your data from your older or smaller storage device to the larger WD Green drive and give yourself room to store HD and 4K movies.

Maintain SSD efficiency.

  • Keep your SSD efficient by moving your larger files (photos, videos, programs) onto the WD Green drive. Upgrade to a larger capacity WD Green drive so you have enough storage space later for additional multimedia files.
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