The drive for home or small office network attached storage systems

Think of the word ‘red’ and you think passion, power and energy. Part of the massively successful Red product family, the WD Red Pro combines all of these qualities in a high performance hard drive storage system. A superb choice for both home and small office use, the WD Red Pro utilises NASware 3.0, WD’s exclusive technology, to deliver peerless reliability, performance and drive compatibility.

WD Red™
SATA 6 Gb/s
2 TB - 4 TB
WD Red™ Pro

Compatible across the board.

Optimized for NAS systems – SOHO/Consumer/Business and widely compatible.

Exclusive NASware technology.

Optimized performance specifically for NAS systems with increased bay count support for higher performance systems.

Incredibly reliable.

3D Active Balance and vibration compensation improves overall system reliability and performance.

Need support?

Dedicated Red family tech support line open 24-7.