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With every 25 Windows 10 devices purchased, you will be eligible for training with Tablet Academy.

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Working with Tablet Academy, transform teaching and learning

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The reasons why Windows wins in the classroom...


Designed for all learning styles

Windows provides the right device for the right need. Voice, pen, touch and gesture input allows students to interact more naturally with their PCs.


Thinking in ink

Windows offers a premier inking experience across devices and applications that engage students and enhance their learning.


Learning on all devices

Windows devices, apps, and software enable students and educators to work on the same documents at the same time within the same classroom, or from different parts of the world.


Compatibility king

Connect to printers, cameras,digital microscopes, as well as with traditional and new educational resources, from websites running on Flash to interactive digital textbooks.


Safest Windows ever

Windows 10 is the safest Windows ever with new and improved tools for data protection, student identity and log-in, and malware protection.


Windows is for doing

Windows multi-doing abilities help students and teachers get things done faster, and save time - get things done in a snap with Snap Assist, virtual desktops, and Task View.

What is Tablet Academy?

The Tablet Academy is a device agnostic independent organisation created to support educational institutions to transform teaching and learning, through the integration of new and existing technologies.

Through consultancy and training services, our team of current and former teachers are working to close the gap between the classroom and the ideology of the 'Ed-Tech' industry.

Claiming free training for customers

  • A school places an order for the minimum amount of devices (25).
  • The schools account manager completes the booking form and submits it.
  • Tablet Academy contact the school to arrange a date and to discuss the training courses on offer.
  • The school identify the course required and an appropriate date for the training to take place.
  • The school receive the training within 6 months from the device purchase.
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