Zoostorm Business Desktops

The Zoostorm Business PC collection has been designed with businesses in mind. Ready for networking straight out of the box, these PCs provide productivity and reliability.

Thanks to its wealth of knowledge and experience of PC manufacturing, Zoostorm has created desktops that deliver great value for money, yet maintain high quality.

Zoostorm's business PCs suit every business requirement, from a low cost operator desktop PC to the high end advanced power desktop for graphic design.

For companies and organisations that need computing power for tasks such as graphic design, large data file processing and advanced office analysis, Zoostorm's range of high performance business PCs take advantage of the latest high performance components and deliver a staggeringly quick and powerful computing experience.

Many of the Zoostorm business PCs have been equipped to handle the most demanding applications. As well as being powered by high performing Intel processors, the high end PCs have been configured to work with popular business applications such as Office, database and communication programmes - making your life easier, and enabling employees to get on with the job in hand.

The Zoostorm collection of business PCs come installed with Windows 7, but include a CD for Windows 8, giving you even more flexibility.


Built for business, compatible with life. Windows 8 Pro is beautiful, fast and fluid. It gives you all the benefits of Windows 8, plus new levels of productivity, security, and mobility without sacrificing performance or choice.

At Ebuyer, you'll find the Zoostorm PC to suit your requirements. For productivity, reliability, cost effectiveness, and results that matter, Zoostorm desktop PCs offer that complete business solution.