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Business PCs

There are three key ingredients that any business PC must have; performance, reliability and efficiency. And Zoostorm business desktops certainly meet that criteria.

Zoostorm have poured all their expertise into creating the best possible PC and, importantly for businesses, they have managed to produce high quality machines whilst still delivering incredible value for money.

And, configured to accept Microsoft Office and ready for networking, Zoostorm business PCs are ready to go straight out of the box.

They represent the ideal solution for businesses looking to balance their budgets with the need for high specification machines.

Powerful performance

It's all about productivity and having the capability to run the most intensive applications and software. And, as Zoostorm business PCs are powered by the latest Intel i7 or AMD A-10 processors, they do have the raw processing power to meet the requirements of even the most demanding users.

Small Form Factor

The compact design of Zoostorm desktop PCs make them ideal for the busy office. And the cool, modern look means they won't be out of place in any environment.

Windows for business

Zoostorm desktop PCs are pre-installed with Windows 7 Pro with the option of upgrading to the new Windows 8.1 if desired. But, whichever operating system you choose, these professional versions of Windows encourage creativity and productivity as well as offering all the benefits of cross-platform compatibility.

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