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Kingston 2GB DDR2 800MHz Memory

  • All Kingston memory modules are 100% tested
  • All system specific memory comes with free
  • technical support
  • Customised and tested to meet the exact
  • specifications of each system

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Mfr part code: KTH-XW4400C6/2G

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    Kingston 2GB DDR2 800MHz Memory Product Description

    Kingston® offers extremely reliable, high-performance desktop memory and sells more notebook upgrade memory than anyone in the world. Every and every module is customised and tested to meet the exact specification requirements of each system. Kingston memory can increase the processing power of your notebook or desktop. It's guaranteed to be compatible and offers a great cost-performance benefit plus better multitasking, faster processing of multimedia files, smoother video streaming and an enhanced gaming experience. For added peace of mind, Kingston memory is backed by a lifetime warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability. 
    Supported Systems:
    HP/Compaq: Blackbird 002, Business Desktop dc5700 SFF/Microtower, Business Desktop dc5800 SFF/Microtower, Business Desktop dc5850 SFF/Microtower, Business Desktop dc7700 SFF/CMT, Business Desktop dc7700 Ultra Slim, Business Desktop dc7800 / dc7800p SFF/CMT/MT, Business Desktop dc7900 SFF/CMT/MT, Business Desktop dx1000 Microtower, Business Desktop dx2310 Microtower, Business Desktop dx2355 Microtower, Business Desktop dx2358 Microtower, Business Desktop dx2390, Business Desktop dx2400 Microtower, Business Desktop dx2420 Microtower, Business Desktop dx2480 Microtower, Business Desktop dx2710 Microtower/SFF, Business Desktop dx2718 Microtower/SFF, Business Desktop dx2810 Microtower, Business Desktop dx2810 SFF, Business Desktop dx7400 Microtower/SFF, Business Desktop dx7408 Microtower/SFF, Business Desktop dx7500 Microtower, Business Desktop dx7500 Small Form Factor, CQ Desktop CQ2001LA, CQ Desktop CQ2002LA, CQ Desktop CQ2003WM, CQ Desktop CQ2008CN, CQ Desktop CQ2008CX, CQ Desktop CQ2011L, CQ Desktop CQ2012D, CQ Desktop CQ2013D, CQ Desktop CQ2018CN, CQ Desktop CQ2019AP, CQ Desktop CQ2020TW, CQ Desktop CQ2030L, CQ Desktop CQ2030TW, CQ Desktop CQ2035D, CQ Desktop CQ2100AF, CQ Desktop CQ2100AN, CQ Desktop CQ2100BE, CQ Desktop CQ2100DE, CQ Desktop CQ2100FR, CQ Desktop CQ2100IL, CQ Desktop CQ2100IT, CQ Desktop CQ2100KR, CQ Desktop CQ2100ME, CQ Desktop CQ2100NL, CQ Desktop CQ2100SC, CQ Desktop CQ2100UK, CQ Desktop CQ2101L, CQ Desktop CQ2103WM, CQ Desktop CQ2106CN, CQ Desktop CQ2106CX, CQ Desktop CQ2108HK, CQ Desktop CQ2112L, CQ Desktop CQ2116CX, CQ Desktop CQ2118CX, CQ Desktop CQ2120L, CQ Desktop CQ2123CX, CQ Desktop CQ2128CN, CQ Desktop CQ2128CX, CQ Desktop CQ2128TW, CQ Desktop CQ2200FR, CQ Desktop CQ2200KR, CQ Desktop CQ2200NL, CQ Desktop CQ2200SA, CQ Desktop CQ2201FR, CQ Desktop CQ2201L, CQ Desktop CQ2202LA, CQ Desktop CQ2204LA, CQ Desktop CQ2205LA, CQ Desktop CQ2212L, CQ Desktop CQ2228TW, CQ Desktop CQ2229TW, CQ Desktop CQ2230L, CQ Desktop CQ2250D, CQ Desktop CQ2302LA, CQ Desktop CQ2312L, CQ Desktop CQ2350AN, CQ Desktop CQ2401LA, CQ Desktop CQ2402LA, HDX Desktop 901cn, HDX Desktop 902cn, HDX Desktop 903cn, HDX Desktop 906cn, HDX Desktop 908cn, HDX Desktop 911cn, HDX Desktop 913cn, HDX Desktop 918cn, HDX Desktop 920cn, HDX Desktop 921cn, HDX Desktop 923cn, HDX Desktop 928cn, Pavilion a6005la, Pavilion a6009n, Pavilion a6010.ch, Pavilion a6010.de, Pavilion a6010.is, Pavilion a6010.sc, Pavilion a6010.uk, Pavilion a6010e Series (CTO), Pavilion a6010la, Pavilion a6011.sc, Pavilion a6013.fr, Pavilion a6016tw, Pavilion a6018.ch, Pavilion a6020.be, Pavilion a6020.it, Pavilion a6023.sc, Pavilion a6025.sc, Pavilion a6026.sc, Pavilion a6027.uk, Pavilion a6028x, Pavilion a6030.pt, Pavilion a6030.za, Pavilion a6031.sc, Pavilion a6032.sc, Pavilion a6033.de, Pavilion a6035.se, Pavilion a6040.it, Pavilion a6040.nl, Pavilion a6040.tr, Pavilion a6042.de, Pavilion a6042n, Pavilion a6045.se, Pavilion a6046.de, Pavilion a6050.de, Pavilion a6050.dk, Pavilion 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    Technical Specifications


    Storage Capacity 2 GB
    Capacity 2 GB
    Upgrade Type System specific
    OEM Manufacturer Equivalent Part Number HP AH060AA


    Memory Speed 800 MHz ( PC2-6400 )
    RAM Features Unbuffered
    Speed 800 MHz (PC2-6400)
    Type DRAM
    Technology DDR2 SDRAM
    Form Factor DIMM 240-pin
    Latency Timings CL6
    Data Integrity Check Non-ECC
    Features Unbuffered

    Compatibility Information

    Designed For Compaq Presario SR5204FR, SR5205FR, SR5402ES, SR5412ES, SR5414ES, SR5420AN, SR5421F, SR5439ES, SR5501P, SR5520AN, SR5522AF, SR5522NL, SR5532AF, SR5540AN, SR5542BE, SR5640AN, SR5702NL, SR5703FR, SR5710y, SR5711AF, SR5711BE, SR5715IT, SR5722NL, SR5760AN, SR5790AN ¦ HP HDX 901cn, HDX 902cn, HDX 903cn, HDX 906cn, HDX 908cn ¦ HP Pavilion a6202n, a6203.fr, a6204.fr, a6205.fr, a6206.fr, a6210.fr, a6213.fr, a6219.fr, a6223.fr, a6225.fr, a6227.fr, a6235x, a6267.fr, a6267.it, a6280.fr, a6290.fr, a6310la, a6311la, a6316.sc, a6318.fr, a6325.uk, a6326.fr, a6334.de, a6345.it, a6347c, a6357.it, a6357c, a6367.fr, a6368.fr, a6402.uk, a6405la, a6410la, a6412.fr, a6417.fr, a6418.fr, a6419.fr, a6420.fr, a6422.fr, a6422.uk, a6426.fr, a6429.sc, a6432.af, a6432.fr, a6433.es, a6433.sc, a6435.fr, a6441.fr, a6442.be, a6442.uk, a6450la, a6461.af, a6463.es, a6467.fr, a6510a, a6513.es, a6520.fr, a6570.es, a6575.es, a6580.es, a6600la, a6611cs, a6611la, a6612uk, a6613es, a6630la, a6631af, a6631cs, a6631es, a6634sc, a6636es, a6640a, a6641cs, a6653es, a6661af, a6721nl, a6750y, a6760a, d4940.se, d4965.se, d4975.se, Elite m9040n, Elite m9165.uk-a, Elite m9175.fr, Elite m9252.nl-a, Elite m9253.es, Elite m9273.es, Elite m9280.fr, Elite m9360.be, Elite m9374.es-a, Elite m9450cs, Elite m9453es, Elite m9462cs, Elite m9466sc, Elite m9515y, s3400f, s3401f, s3406.fr, s3406cn, s3407c, s3408cn, s3410.fr, s3410.me, s3410la, s3416cn, s3417.uk, s3420f, s3420kr, s3420la, s3420tw, s3421p, s3428hk, s3430f, s3438cn, s3440la, s3445la, s3448hk, s3460.nl, s3460a, s3480a, s3480d, s3481d, s3488cn, s3488hk, s3506.fr, s3520.fr, s3521.uk, s3522.es, s3522.sc, s3530.it, s3530f, s3531.es, s3531.uk, s3541.ch, s3541.uk, s3542.nl, s3610la, s3620la, s3621fr, s3621uk, s3622sc, s3630it, s3660a, s3680a, s3700f, s3720f, s3720y ¦ HP Pavilion Media Center m8547c ¦ HP Point of Sale System ap5000 ¦ HP Compaq Business Desktop dc7800, dx2040, dx2420 ¦ HPE Compaq Business Desktop dc7700

    Manufacturer Warranty

    Service & Support Limited lifetime warranty (Germany, Austria and France - 10 years)

    Expansion / Connectivity

    Compatible Slots 1 x memory - DIMM 240-pin

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