Clean with confidence and implement a simple AF International workstation cleaning regime

AF specialise in PC, Workstation, Office Equipment and Specialist Technical Cleaning Products to keep equipment free from grime both in and around the office.

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Why choose AF?

Did you know that the average office worker spends approximately 160-200 hours per month at a workstation?* We use our PCs, ‘phones and keyboards regularly during this time leading to a build-up of grease, dust and dirt. By choosing an AF cleaning regime you can be confident that equipment maintains a peak of fitness motivating workers with that ‘newly clean’ feeling.

The AF range of products

AF offers a variety of cleaning products that suit workstations in the office or on the move. The complete AF range covers many areas such as screens, keyboards, phones and specialist equipment to ensure a clean workspace, day after day. Available in a wide selection of pump sprays, aerosols, wipes and impregnated cloths they have been designed for ultimate convenience in an ever busy world and ensure a lasting farewell to daily grime.

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