The go-to OS for gaming

If you’re a PC gamer, Windows 10 should be your go-to software for gaming - and here’s why.

Windows 10 uses DirectX 12, an application programming interface (this is what the games use to communicate with your PC). The interface brings tons of new features and advantages, including the ability for graphics cards to use more than one core of a computer’s CPU at the same time.

To maximise efficiency, DirectX 12 uses much less power than previous versions, and utilises the integrated graphics card as a coprocessor. Without getting too bogged-down in technical jargon, having DirectX 12 means you can move out of the slow lane and whizz along the super-highway instead!

As an integral part in all AlphaSync gaming PCs, Windows 10 provides increased functionality and versatility. Hand-built in the UK, AlphaSync computers are at the forefront of gaming technology. Using only the highest-quality branded components combined with a rigorous quality control standard, AlphaSync and Windows 10 represent the ultimate gaming experience.

  • AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 3970X
  • 64GB DDR4, 4TB HDD, 500GB NVMe SSD
  • 3 Year Warranty (1yr parts 3yr labour)
  • Windows 10 Pro
£4,999.98 inc.vat


Windows 10 comes with the new Xbox app built-in, which connects you with the largest gaming communities across Windows 10 devices and Xbox One. You can voice and text chat from PC to PC, and from PC to console, even while playing your existing PC games.

Gaming with Windows 10

Now that you know what’s great about gaming on Windows 10, why not grab a PC and enjoy everything it has to offer.

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