iPad Air

Truly an amazing device. Weighing just one pound the iPad Air is unbelievably light, slim (just 7.5mm) and beautifully designed. Calling any electronic device beautiful might be stretching it a bit. But is there really any other way to describe the sleek iPad Air?

But, despite how little it weighs or how good it looks, the most amazing features of the device are hidden within its aluminium body.

The new A7 chip packs desktop performance into the iPad. Lightning fast processing speed and awesome graphics combine to create a breath-taking user experience.

And it all comes to life on the 9.7 inch screen. With an eye popping 2048x1536 resolution and with 3.1 million pixels the stunning retina display is simply astonishing.

Top that up with long battery life, super quick Wi-Fi, thousands of apps along with Facetime and iSight cameras and it's easy to see why the iPad Air is the new must have device for work, study and play.

iPad Mini

Good things come in small packages. It's a time worn cliché but one that is very apt for the iPad Mini. It's everything you like about the iPad. Just slightly smaller.

Despite its 'mini' tag the iPad has a 7.9 inch screen. Which is more than big enough for most of us. But now the iPad Mini has retina display which makes that 7.9 inch screen simply burst into life. The screen boasts over 3 million pixels. Which is more than a HD TV has. And if that isn't enough…

The iPad Mini is now available with the same A7 processor that powers the iPad Air. And you get exactly the same performance with the Mini as you do with the larger model.

The iPad Mini is the ultimate in portable computing. In one hand you can now hold the power and capabilities of a desktop computer. Easy to use and with stunning design the iPad Mini is already a classic.

Astonishing Performance

The iPad Air's A7 high performance chip means more processing power, eye popping graphics and more responsive games and apps. Boost your productivity with the ten hour battery and built in apps including iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. And, of course, you can access nearly half a million more apps in the App Store.

Retina Display

On the iPad Air the screen covers much more of the surface area than on previous iPad's. And the new retina display means that images jump off the 9.7 inch screen. With a resolution of 2048x1536 and packing an incredible 3.1 million pixels the iPad Air provides a higher quality output than a HD TV. Brighter, sharper images means that videos, photos and games look simply stunning.

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