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ASUS is completely committed to empowering your life. Whether you use your laptop anywhere to work or to enjoy entertainment, ASUS Zenbook and Vivobook will be your best choice.

The elegant ASUS Zenbook is compact, ultra-thin and light, featuring the best laptop technology, with NanoEdge displays, precision craftsmanship, uncompromising performance and innovation.

On the other hand, the bold and youthful ASUS Vivobook series is designed with colours to let you express who you really are. They're the best laptops for getting the job done, with great performance and innovative features to boost productivity for the best possible user experience.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Dual-Screen Mode (With Bluetooth keyboard)

Double your screen real estate, and reference one screen while working on another. This eliminates the need to constantly switch tabs or windows, reducing interruptions and helping you maintain your focus on the task at hand.

virtual Keyboard

Dual-Screen Mode (with Virtual keyboard))

The lower screen can be configured as a full-size virtual keyboard. With two screens, you can be more productive and enjoy more immersive entertainment.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Sharing Mode

Easily share content in meetings and presentations business. Just lay Zenbook DUO flat and everyone can view the screens without having to huddle around, fostering better engagement and discussion.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Desktop Mode

Perfect for programmers, researchers and writers — and many more besides. Display your productivity apps on one screen while the other shows reference materials, documentation or research sources.

virtual Keyboard

Laptop Mode

Drop the ASUS ErgoSense Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad onto the lower display and enjoy a traditional laptop-style experience, replete with a 14-inch display and tall 16:10 aspect ratio. Desktop mode Perfect for programmers, researchers and writers — and many more besides. Display your productivity apps on one screen while the other shows reference materials, documentation or research sources.

ASUS Zenbook – Powerful. Portable. Incredible.

Powerful and Sustainable.

The Eco-friendly, thin-and-light ASUS Zenbook laptops are injected with sustainability elements. From energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprint and wastage on product materials and processes, to packaging. You will be impressed by how ASUS takes as many factors as possible into consideration.

ASUS Zenbook laptop is also designed to perform. It uses a top-of-the-line CPU, the latest GPU, fast RAM and large storage, you are assured of its outstanding performance.

asus zenbook

Stunning Lumina OLED displays

Being the number 1 OLED laptop brand worldwide, our selected Zenbook laptops are equipped with Lumina OLED display, which delivers the most accurate and precise colours, displaying lifelike, ultra-realistic visuals. It features Pantone® Validated colour rendering, VESA DisplayHDR™ True Black certification, and exceptional Delta E < 1 colour accuracy, making them perfect for any creative task. You will also be impressed by the higher refresh rate, faster response time and higher brightness and contrast on our Lumina OLED laptops.

All-day battery life and user-friendly design

ASUS Zenbook laptops offer various user-friendly features, including long-lasting battery, full I/O ports, ASUS Dial, ASUS DialPad and Antimicrobial Guard Plus on selected models.

asus zenbook battery

ASUS Vivobook – Your Portable Statement Laptop

Stylish and Lightweight

ASUS Vivobook laptops have always had a unique, energetic look. Aimed at modern trendsetters who want to look bold, these laptops are a fashion statement as well as a reliable productivity tool. Express yourself with ASUS Vivobook and show your statement with different colours such as pink, blue, cream, silver, black, when each of them could represent your bold and unique personality.

Their compact and lightweight design, yet great in performance, makes any task easy — work or play, anywhere, anytime

asus zenbook

ASUS Greener tomorrow - Join us on our sustainable journey

ASUS combines design thinking and technological advantages in the field of sustainable development to continuously realise products, services, cooperation processes and business models innovation, so that every employee, partnership and user can live a sustainable life.

  • Use green friendly materials, including Post-consumer recycling plastic, recycled paper, FSC™ pulp
  • Supply chain management, including renewable energy use low carbon process
  • Lightweight design of packaging materials to reduce volume and enhance transportation efficiency
  • Energy-saving design to comply with ENERGY STAR® and enhance product energy efficiency