Asus Tablet PC’s

As one of the leading electronics companies in the world it isn’t surprising that Asus have helped push the boundaries of performance and design in tablet PC’s. From the made for Google Nexus 7 to the MeMo and beyond Asus have combined power with portability to create the ultimate range of tablet PC’s.

Innovation And Technology

Asus tablets are packed with features and tools to make them indispensable whether you are using the tablet for work, for study or simply for leisure.

Windows Or Android?

The big choice. Asus make both Windows and Android tablets so whatever your preference there is a tablet for you. And, without getting into the whole debate about which is better, it may be wise to consider what the tablet will be primarily used for.

Work Or Play?

If you are going to be using the tablet for work Windows may be the better option. Window tablets like the Asus VivoTab are basically desktop computers in a much smaller form and can be used for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations using office. If, however, you are not too concerned about carrying your work around with you an Android tablet like the Asus MeMo with its thousands of apps and cool user experience is the way to go.

Dashing Design

Asus tablets are stylish, portable and vibrant. Very lightweight with a slim profile, often available in different colours, Asus have created a range of designs that are both cutting edge and practical.

Dazzling Display And Awesome Audio

The IPS display on Asus tablet PC’s provides crystal clear images and crisp text. And its wide viewing angles makes it ideal for surfing the web, checking email and documents or for simply relaxing with a movie. And, with SonicMaster technology for fantastic sound and different audio modes, Asus tablets provide unparalleled aural quality whether listening to music, watching a film or playing a game.


With any handheld computer the speed and responsiveness of the screen is hugely important. And the touchscreen technology employed on Asus tablets with its multi-touch support makes it easy to get the most from both Android and Windows operating systems.

Processing Power

With multimedia and gaming so important Asus ensure their tablet PC’s are able to cope with even the heaviest workloads. The latest processors are used to provide efficient, reliable and high speed computing. The ultra-fast processors help to ensure long battery life and an all-day charge so you can leave your charger at home when travelling.

Mobile Dock

For those tablets that support it the mobile dock instantly transforms a tablet to a notebook. The full Chiclet keyboard is incredibly comfortable to use and the multi-touch touchpad adds more functionality. And the hidden hinge design not only creates a slimmer profile but also makes it very easy to move from tablet to notebook mode when required. The integrated USB port also makes it straightforward to share content and transfer files when working or studying.

Value For Money

Asus tablet PC’s represent great value. For a very low entry cost Asus tablets are packed with features normally only found in higher priced models. They offer far more bang for your buck than comparable machines. Of course, like all manufacturers, Asus offer premium priced products and the mega-high specification Transformer tablets offer the ultimate experience in portable computing.