Ballistix Crucial

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Game. Destroy. Win. For more than a decade, Ballistix has injected speed and style into PC gaming in a way that can’t be imitated. As the only major brand of gaming memory that builds and tests products from start to finish, Ballistix brings you the proven performance and reliability that pro gamers build with.



Designed for performance enthusiasts, gamers, and anyone who simply wants to get more out of their system, Ballistix® Sport LT DDR4 memory helps you do just that. Give your processor the resources it needs to perform and make your computer faster and more responsive.



Winners and losers are often separated by fractions of a second. You pull the trigger first, and you win. That’s how it works when you’re using Ballistix® Tactical DDR4 memory. Engineered to deliver explosive speeds and lower latencies, Ballistix® Tactical DDR4 is a big step up from standard gaming memory and allows you to strike first, faster, and more frequently than the opposition.



To max out performance in the final days of DDR3 technology, you needed the right processor, the right motherboard, a PhD in overclocking, and the willingness to surrender everything in your wallet. Not anymore. Feed your multi-cores and draw upon some of the fastest speeds and bandwidths available with Ballistix® Elite DDR4 memory

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Ballistix® DDR4 memory

Sport Tactical Elite
Module Density 4GB, 8GB and 16GB modules available in single, 2-piece, and 4-piece kits 4-16GB 4-16GB
Speeds 2400, 2666MT/s 2666, 3000 MT/s 2666, 3000, 3200, 3466, 3600 MT/s
Target System Desktops Gaming Desktops High-end desktops
Ideal For Cutting-edge DDR4 platforms Cutting-edge DDR4 platforms Cutting-edge DDR4 platforms
Design Elements Custom heat spreader on black PCB Gunmetal gray heat spreader with black PCB Black anodized heat spreader with aggressive militaristic styling
Benefits of all Sport modules Faster speeds and lower latencies than standard memory modules, easy plug-and-play installation, Intel® XMP profiles for easy configuration, integrated heat spreaders, limited lifetime warranty Powerful performance for hardcore gamers, easy plug-and-play installation, Intel® XMP profiles for easy configuration, integrated heat spreaders, limited lifetime warranty Extreme performance for pros and overclockers, exclusive Ballistix® M.O.D. utility allows for real time temperature monitoring, Intel® XMP profiles, limited lifetime warranty
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Micron® quality: Pro gamer reliability

As the only major gaming brand that’s built and tested from start to finish as part of a major memory manufacturer, Ballistix DRAM delivers a higher level of performance than regular PC gaming memory. For more than 35 years, we’ve engineered old-school DDR memory all the way to Ballistix DDR4 modules, which empower the future of gaming performance. Backed by competitive warranties, a hardcore community of fans, and a dedicated gamer support team, Ballistix memory is ready to take your in-game performance to the next level.