HDR Perfection with B.I.+ Sensor

BenQ E-series Gaming Monitors

BenQ’s B.I.+ Sensor is the Perfect Partner for Ultimate HDR Video or Gaming Performance

Experience BenQ’s exclusive B.I.+ Sensor that enables exquisite HDR performance for maximum comfort during extended viewing sessions, with superior visual clarity and realism that no other monitor can provide.

What Is the B.I.+ Sensor
(Brightness Intelligence Plus Sensor)
and How Does It Improve HDR Performance?

Whether partaking in an intense gaming session, working hard all day, or watching films into the evening, the B.I.+ Sensor helps to detect the optimal viewing conditions and adjust the monitor settings based on the environment.

The B.I.+ Sensor detects the level of ambient lighting as well as the content being viewed to automatically adjust screen brightness, dynamic contrast and colour temperature. The result of this? Optimized HDR performance with clearer levels of details in the dark areas of the screen while avoiding overexposure in the bright areas. This contributes to protecting your vision, with BenQ’s coveted Eye-Care features also making sure that your eye-health is retained during long sessions at the desk, whether it’s for work or pleasure.

What Is HDR and What Is It For?

HDR (AKA High Dynamic Range) enables a visual displaying device - like a monitor - to display darker darks and brighter brights, reproducing visuals that are closer to reality.

There are several types of HDR Content Standards. The most common household HDR Standards are HDR10 (digital content like Video Games or Streaming Services like Netflix) or HLG (Television broadcasting). A monitor will specify which HDR Content it can support.

What Is HDR400?

HDR400 is a certification awarded from DisplayHDR by VESA.