Best CCTV Cameras

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Protecting property is absolutely crucial in this day and age.

Whether the need is to protect your business or protect your home, it’s important to feel as if you’ve done all you can to keep everything covered and under control. Luckily, there’s a wide choice of great technology which has been designed specifically to assist in tightening up your sense of security.

A CCTV system offers security

A CCTV system goes some distance towards giving you genuine peace of mind. The brilliant thing is that these days, that peace can also come at an affordable price. Setting up CCTV for the home may seem like it’s going to be a difficult or complicated process - but given the right guidelines it can actually be quite a user-friendly task.

In general, CCTV systems comprise of a recording device (usually a hard drive) which is linked to a camera - or, more likely, a series of cameras. Those cameras can be carefully positioned to cover any area of your property, whether that’s inside or outside, including those areas which you consider to be the most vulnerable or insecure.

Although they’re always tastefully designed and pretty discreet, the physical presence of outdoor security cameras does tend to act as a visual deterrent to ‘out-and-about’ opportunists and so they can help prevent crimes before they even happen. This is an important factor in having a CCTV system installed - but, obviously, it’s a side benefit. The major function for which cameras were actually designed and manufactured is to film.

With a CCTV system you have the capability to film all activities within range of your surveillance cameras set-up. And you can record and save whichever sections of the footage you need.

These saved sections of footage could be very important for future use during possible insurance claims and / or police investigations. When it comes to ‘evidence’, there’s nothing quite like the inarguable proof which can be provided by capturing an event on a video recording.

Types of CCTV camera

But a very important question to think about asking is: What’s the right camera to choose?

Your choice of camera depends on your specific needs. There are several types of CCTV camera ‘on the market’. One of the biggest decisions is whether to buy a system in which the cameras are wired or wireless.

In addition there are several technical specifications you should also take into consideration when you’re choosing your camera (or cameras). Things like resolution, night vision capability, zoom, field of vision and weatherproofing are all important factors to be considered. Models can each have slightly different capabilities and therefore might be suitable for slightly different purposes.

Wired CCTV cameras

A wired camera is a component in your CCTV kit which is physically connected to the recording device by a wire, and transmits its pictures through that wire. One of the benefits of this wired type of connection is that recordings won’t be affected should there be issues with the wireless network.

Wireless CCTV cameras

A wireless CCTV camera contains a radio transmitter. The transmitter sends pictures to a receiver which is connected to the recorder. Wireless CCTV systems provide flexibility, in that there is a much greater degree of freedom with where cameras can be positioned. As long as they remain within range of the receiver, the cameras will transmit pictures back to the recorder.

IP cameras

An IP camera is a digital camera which can sometimes be referred to as a network camera. It transmits its pictures as data over a network. It can easily be accessed for viewing or recording anywhere else on the network, or even across the internet. Unlike an ordinary webcam, an IP camera is an individual unit with its own IP address. So it requires nothing more than a network connection in order to transfer images. As well as being able to view video footage and listen to the audio feed, in some cases an IP camera can also be controlled remotely.

What can I use CCTV cameras for?

As part of a surveillance system, CCTV cameras offer a great chance to achieve peace of mind. If you install your cameras on the outside of your property, they can be positioned to cover all parts of it including those hard-to-see areas which have previously been thought of as vulnerable.

If the cameras are set up and positioned inside your property they’re not just usable as security against any potential crime. They can be employed for more domestic purposes. They’re a great way to keep an eye on loved ones while you’re in a different room. For instance, CCTV cameras can be used as baby monitors, so that you’re able to regularly check on your young ones. The cameras could be used as a way of ensuring elderly or infirm relatives are always safe and protected from harm. CCTV cameras could be used as a system for monitoring your pets in the home while you’re out.

If you install an IP camera system you will be able to access from anywhere via your smartphone or other device – offering the ultimate peace of mind.

What are the best CCTV cameras?

Ebuyer offers a fantastic range of CCTV equipment, including a great choice of highly capable cameras and recording devices. Individual components of CCTV set-ups are available - but many people do opt for the convenient option of buying a boxed system. Proivideing a complete CCTV set-up in one package, this is a great option for people who want things sorted quickly and efficiently. Home CCTV systems are relatively easy to install, particularly wireless and IP systems, which don’t need wiring sorting out. For business purposes it’s probable that a wired camera system will be of most benefit, as they’re extremely reliable. Either way, the best selection is right here at Ebuyer.