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Cake and Cookie Friday Returns
…Peanut Butter Cookies

Cake and Cookie Friday returns and this week it was my turn to ruin everyone’s diet plans with my peanut butter cookies.

Given the banter around the office this week, a nut-based Friday treat fitted the bill nicely. My midweek story of a squirrel that lived in my family loft and used to peer through the window at me while I watched TV made everyone laugh in the office – I would try to explain further but you really need to see my accompanying arm movements and exaggerated facial expressions. If anyone has ever been stalked by a squirrel, back me up with a comment here!

Anyway, back to the cookies. They’re super easy to make so I urge you all to go out and give it a go – here’s the recipe:

Peanutty Butter Cookies


4oz Butter (softened) + extra for greasing
5oz Crunchy Peanut Butter
4oz Caster Sugar
4oz Light Muscovado Sugar
1 Egg (beaten)
Drop of Vanilla essence
3oz Plain Flour
1 tea spoon Bicarbonate of soda
4oz Rolled Oats


  1. Preheat oven to 180oc/350of/Gas Mark 4 – Grease your baking trays
  2. Place butter and peanut butter in a bowl and beat together
  3. Beat in Caster and Muscovado sugar
  4. Then bit by bit beat in the egg and vanilla essence to the mixture
  5. Sift the flour and bicarbonate of soda into the mixture
  6. Stir in the oats
  7. Place teaspoon full, rolled in palms of hands and pressed down slightly onto the baking trays
  8. Bake in oven for 15minutes of until slightly golden round the edges
  9. Leave to cool to 2minutes before putting on to plates.

Makes 16

Yummy Peanut-butter Cookies

Yummy Peanut-butter Cookies

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