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Cake and Cookie Fri…MONDAY!

Mahatma Gandhi once mused ‘Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed’. We pondered this very notion when we first witnessed the rush to eat Kate’s chocolate cake as part of the inaugural Cake and Cookie Friday (disclaimer: an idea based around the IT departments Cake Friday) a few weeks back.

But while we pondered philosophy and engulfed bounteous baked goods; little did we know our ‘need’ for fine confectionary would spill over to MONDAY!

As announced on Friday’s blog; Sarah J will be leaving Ebuyer today to prepare for motherhood. So in preparation for dealing with little blighters with an insatiable appetite for sweet things; she has baked some Malteser cakes for the Ebuyer Marketing team.

Here’s how you can B.I.Y (that’s bake it yourselves abbreviation fans)

“Malt-centred chocolate balls that start with an M” Cake


100g margarine
6 tbsp syrup
250g cooking chocolate
200g crushed digestive biscuits
200g crushed Maltesers


Melt the margarine, syrup and chocolate over heat. When the mix has melted, take it off the heat and add the crushed biscuits and Maltesers to the mix. Ensure the mixture is properly mixed and then spread it into a greased Swiss roll tin. Chill in the fridge and once set, cut into small squares. Keep refrigerated at all times and, for people who like to plan their choc cravings in advance, you can even freeze the squares.

Malt-centered chocolate ball-based Cake

Malt-centered chocolate ball-based Cake

As well as the tin doing the rounds, we’ve also just eagle-eyed a box of reserve cakes on Sarah J’s desk that will be cracked open in the PM. So, in sympathy for her baby bump, her loyal and supportive Ebuyer colleagues will now proceed to munch all signs of confectionary life on view. What a fine set of people!



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