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Weekly Lee-flection – Musicals, squirrels and brainstorming

Squirrels have been a hot topic at EbuyerHQ this week

Squirrels have been a hot topic at EbuyerHQ this week

Since Charlie is busy baking cookies (yum) and keeping one eye on the window for wandering squirrels, it’s my job to update our blog fans on happenings at Ebuyer this week.

It’s been a week of brainstorming! We’ve had business ideas, creative ideas, project ideas – it’s been an all out idea-fest at Ebuyer HQ this week and everyone in the Marketing department is suffering from Friday brain ache (lucky we invented Cake and Cookie Friday for an immediate remedy).

Unfortunately brainstorming means a lot of our master plans (evil landowner laugh) are still very much under wraps (boo) so my update is actually going to be more a teaser for what’s to come.

So, let’s find some other fun topics of chatter. The annual Ebuyer Golf tournament takes place tomorrow and although, given the weather I think we’d be better holding a yachting regatta, everyone is practising their swing in anticipation. We’ll be sure to update the blog next week on the winners and the losers.

Ebuyer staff swing into action!

Ebuyer staff swing into action!

Elsewhere, we’ve been chatting about musicals! Surrounded by females can do strange things to a man but I never thought discussing the finer points of Chicago vs. Singing in the Rain (SITR every time!) was one of them. For the record, I like Phantom of the Opera while Charlie prefers a classic Calamity Jane affair (as long as she can relax squirrel-free). We also learnt never to mention Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Kate’s company! Feel free to join the musical debate via the comment box and, if Lord Webber is reading, give me a call. Ebuyer: The Opera is a must!

We also say goodbye this week to our HP Coordinator Sarah Johnstone as she disappears on maternity leave. Everyone at Ebuyer wishes Sarah all the best as she enters the world of late nights, little people and lots of awws and ahhs. I’m sure her time spent dealing with screaming vendors will put her in good stead for the next few months.

Right, I’ve used up enough time methinks. I’m off to finish off my weekly tasks and hopefully nab another peanut butter cookie before someone else gets their mitts on them.

Enjoy your weekend blog fans…Lee Benecke…over and out

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