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My Top 5 Browser Games

One of my fave games

One of my fave games

The Gadget Show is back on Channel 5 and this brand new series looks set to be better then the last and I’ll certainly be tuning in for my weekly dose of gadgets and gizmos!

On the show they featured their Top 5 browser games which included:

Line Rider

Scary Girl

Desktop Tower Defence


Quake Live

I have played Line Rider and Scary Girl before but my personal Top 5 are much easier, more addictive and packed with the added factor of minimum brain functionality needed (phew!)

So without further ado – here’s my countdown:

In 5th place is Mouse Trap

This is a nit picking puzzle game, where you must guide your mouse (as in the tiny dot on screen which is directed by your mouse – not squeak cheese eating mice involved) from one side of the screen to the other, but of course there is a maze in the way, beginning with the simplest of mazes (actually its just 2 lines you must guide the mouse through) to the later turn table, tight cornered amazement!

In 4th place is Acne Be Gone

Me and some friends found this game, while trying to find another game (don’t you think the best games are ones you stumble across?) Anyway we found this hilarious and disgusting! Do you get a strange satisfaction from squeezing spots? If so then this game is for you – minus the ouch and red blotches!

In 3rd place is Blast Billy

Poor Billy! At the mercy of star hungry players who constantly flip and whack him around the canyon. This is such an addictive game.
The aim is to get Billy’s ragdoll body across/up the canyon in the search of stars and more stars mean more points – lemon squeezy!

In 2nd place is Gowling

This is a game that involves golf and crabs! Using the strength and direction toolbar at the top of the screen, try and hit as many crabs as possible with your golf balls – it took me a few tests to get the swing of it but it’s a good 10 minute filler game.

In 1st place is Casualty

Highly addictive, fun and gory – what more could you want?

Each level has stick men who you must help meet their brutal death. You do this by using your mouse to push, pull and create general mayhem in the stick world. Only thing is that the stick men can not see each other die or you lose – those tricky sticky men!

And so we come to the end of my personal Top 5 – all the websites are listed so why not have a go and let me know what you think and be sure to comment on how you get on through the levels right here on Ebuyer HQ.

Have fun!


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