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Charlie Mews
Charlie Mews

You already met Charlie Mews a week ago, talking about The Gadget Show Live, but now it’s her turn to tell you what she gets up to when not running our exhibitions!

Here is what she had to say to the questions asked…

How old are you?

22 years and 11 months

What is your role within Ebuyer?

Marketing Coordinator

What is you favourite film?

Almost Famous

What are your hobbies?

I like to socialise with friends and family as much as I possibly can.
I also like to go to the KC stadium regularly and watch Hull City FC

What is your favourite food?

Chicken tikka masala with pilau rice and a large garlic naan to mop up with

What date did you join Ebuyer?

March 2008

Tell us a bit about your education?

I’m a born and bred Ebuyer, joining straight from college where I was studying public services.

Career highlight?

being part of and organising Ebuyer’s Gadget Show Live 2009 and 2010 exhibitions

What two items would you take if stranded on a desert island?

An Alsatian dog. I’d call him Sawyer (yes from Lost) and suntan lotion, factor 15.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I like lying in, dogs and long walks on the beach (oh and programs ending in ‘Next Top Model’)
As I’ve already mentioned, I love to socialise and I’m a very determined person when it comes to work

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  1. would you not just take the “actual” Sawyer?! i wouldn’t have any issues with Evangeline lilly joining me!


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