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Ebuyer is supporting Oggcamp 10

OggCamp 10

OggCamp 10

As a developer at Ebuyer I make extensive use of Ubuntu. As regular readers will know this is a free and open source, Linux based operating system.

There is a huge community surrounding Ubuntu which develops features, fixes bugs and provides support to new and existing users.

I listen regularly to a community podcast called the Ubuntu UK Podcast, which has been preparing for OggCamp 10 this weekend in Liverpool. I’m pleased to say that Ebuyer is supporting Oggcamp and has donated a cracking Western Digital My Book Essential 1.5TB External Hard Drive to a raffle, the proceeds of which go towards paying for the cost of the event.

If you listen to their latest podcast they have a bounty of prizes to give away – so if you’re able to get to The Black-E in Liverpool on the 1st or 2nd of May for an hour or the whole weekend, do pop in, buy a ticket and see what else it has to offer.

http://www.oggcamp.org/OggCamp 10

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