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Save your files

Hello everybody, I’m a new addition to the Ebuyer team and I’m delighted to have been asked to contribute to Ebuyer HQ.

I’m writing this post in the aftermath of a personal disaster and so, in the absence of any other form of inspiration for blog topics, I hope you don’t mind me telling you what happened to me recently.

I’d had my laptop for a couple of years, no problems whatsoever. In fact pretty much everything that was important was kept on there – I’m talking sentimental important like holiday snaps and videos of family events; and actual important docs such as flight confirmations, CVs, car insurance details, the works.

Call it old age, or call it overheating (it was pretty warm) but two weeks ago I took my trusted laptop on holiday to Gran Canaria with me. What a mistake!

First few days, all good and fine.  You may call me sad but yes I like to keep up with my emails, Facebook and Twitter while on holiday. Day 4, sat down, turned on and there was a weird whirring noise. I’m no techno whizz but even I knew something was wrong. Turned it off, then on again…laptop lasted all of 5 minutes and then wham, that was it like all the energy had been zapped from the machine.

My first thought was one of panic – all my files lost! Luckily for me, one of my holiday companions knew a thing or two about PCs and managed to transfer all my data onto an external hard drive when I got home – PHEW!

The moral of my story I suppose is, get yourself some extra storage and get backing up your data now. Since getting back, I’ve been on Ebuyer (well as a new employee I’m allowed a little plug) and bought myself a portable hard drive. I don’t need a lot of storage as my digital belongings comprise Microsoft Office files and a few pics but I was pleasantly surprised at the value of hard drives.

Anyone else suffered like me, let me know? (I’m sure I’m not alone in my misguided blissful ignorance of safe back-up!)


  1. never ever rely on just 1 backup i currently have multiple backups including the cloud as i lost a lot of personal pics when my mum died, now i have about 3 backups including backupdrive and cloud they are well worth ityou cannot put a price on this type of thing.

  2. I’ve very nearly lost all my files before too. Luckily the HDD was recoverable when put as a secondary one in another machine.

    In fact I’ve just had a HDD die on me at work and ordered one from Ebuyer. Luckily an Ubuntu Live CD allowed me to recover the few files that weren’t stored on the server.

    Because of things like this, I use a NAS at home. That gives me the added benefit of being able to access my files from my PC, laptop, phone and my family’s laptops.

  3. I have a RAID 0 array of 4 disks and until recently didn’t have a backup. My friend (a sys admin) almost had a panic attack when I told him this, so I decided to get a backup disk. A couple of days after putting it in, one of the disks failed. The irony was, it was the disk I’d just bought. Since then, of those 4 disks 3 of them have failed (was probably a dodgy batch) and been replaced by seagate.

    If you value your data backups are paramount!

  4. An external hard disk is a must for backing up files! And something which compliments that nicely is SyncToy from Microsoft. It’s a freebie download and allows you to sync your files from your PC/Laptop to your external hard disk with just one click. You can get it from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?familyid=c26efa36-98e0-4ee9-a7c5-98d0592d8c52&displaylang=en

    Also for a 3rd layer of protection get yourself Dropbox (http://www.dropbox.com). It gives you 2gb of space for free 🙂

  5. Yes, I had all my personal data on a Seagate FreeAgent drive, bought from Ebuyer a couple of years ago, because it allowed me to access them wherever I went with my laptop. Unfortunately it was this hard drive that stopped working two weeks ago (Firmware issue, I’m told) out of all the possible choices in the house! Oh, the irony.

    I agree about backing up, personal storage external drives, etc, but I’m buying myself a 32Gb Flash Drive for the purpose now as mechanical drives are riskier.


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