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Santa's list gets with the times!
Santa's list gets with the times!

Gone are the days when kids have requested Action Man and Barbie toys, a survey has suggested.

Forget two front teeth, a car set or a doll. All kids want for Christmas these days is an Apple iPod touch or a Microsoft Xbox 360.

That is according to the Duracell Toy Report, which found that 13 per cent of the five to 16-year-olds quizzed about their yuletide desires wanted an iPod touch from Santa and 39 per cent said they would love an Apple gadget of some kind.

But why the neglect for a Barbie or an Action Man?

The wish for an array of the technology giant’s devices may have come after Steve Jobs’s firm announced its latest range of iPods, which include an updated version of the shuffle, nano and touch models.

One major attraction of the former for youngsters could be its colour – it comes in a variety of shades including pink, silver, blue and orange.

Playing music on the move is also seen as the norm for many kids these days. Anyone who boards public transport, a lot will do on their way to school, can see the majority of passengers with their earplugs in and the likes of Taylor Swift and N-Dubz entertaining children on their journey.

It’s not just out and about that youngsters like to entertain themselves as many regularly do battle with their friends on various consoles online.

The Kinect for Xbox motion controller made up six per cent of the ideal gifts children would like to receive from Father Christmas, according to the survey, while the similar PlayStation Move device could play a big part in next year’s desires.

But spare a thought for girls as the study – which quizzed a total of 2,138 kids and parents in equal measure – discovered that the value of boys’ presents is around £8 more than females.

The traditional Christmas wish list could be worthwhile for youngsters though, as three out of the five parents questioned admitted that they choose presents that will keep their little ones quiet over the festive period. I would be careful what you wish for!



  1. If you haven’t got an ipod by now you really don’t want one. Would make more sense to advertise your F&H MP4 players as an ipod alternative. Just my two cents.

  2. @Tom

    I think it’s more of a style thing, Apple products look pretty good. A lot of time and money is spent on making the devices look good. And that’s a large factor these days.

    The Apple brand is worth a huge amount of money, and who is happy with some unknown brand of a Media Player. Sure it does the same thing, but it’s not Apple.

    I’m not Apple fanboy, I’ve had a lot of MP3/MP4 players in the past, but in my opinion, nothing beats the iPod.

  3. @simon

    There is nothing stylish about Apple products. They’re all gloss white and boring. Since their early “modern” computers in the 90’s they’ve been very unimaginative with their designs and it shows in nearly everything they make now a days.

    F&H is not an unknown make, and it’s people like you that will continue to make Apple profit because you have a narrow view on what makes a quality product.

    I bet you’d happily buy a £200 ipod over a £100 MP4 player with the same features and memory, just so you can say it’s apple.

  4. @Tom

    I never said f&H werent, but there are so many other “brands” of MP3 players.

    The only iPod I have purchased is an iPod Classic 160GB. Why? Because I couldn’t find another MP3 player with so much storage.

    I’ve over 60GB of Music and 80Gb of Videos / Movies.


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